‘White Whores’: Islam’s Unwavering View on Western Women

White Slaves
“…a very beautiful slave woman was exchanged for a pair of boots, and four Serbian slaves were traded for a horse.”

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Q.: Whats most annoying about conservatives?

A.: They are weak and afraid to stand up for anything.

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Turncoat  refuses to cede power, offers possible second leadership ballot 

Turnbull’s disastrous prime ministership may be over but his refusal to step down, even as 13 ministers tender their resignations, tells you everything you need to know about a man whose level of self-obsession is unparalleled in modern Australian politics

Bulgaria: Our Country is Now ‘Migrant Crisis’-Proof Thanks to Wall, Border Force

Bulgaria: Our Country is Now ‘Migrant Crisis’-Proof Thanks to Wall, Border Force

Democrats Want America to Be ‘One Big Fat Sanctuary City for Criminal Aliens’

Bokhari: This Is What ‘Election Interference’ Actually Looks Like 

Who will hold this Marxist Muslim responsible for his crimes?

S*thole country:

Woman who complained about noisy mosque jailed for blasphemy

Prosecutors allege she committed blasphemy against Islam by complaining the Muslim call to prayer was being played too loudly near her home

An Indonesian court has sentenced a Buddhist woman to 18 months in prison for blasphemy after she was accused of insulting Islam.

Why free speech is so important: Saudi Arabia plans to execute first female political activist

What a dreadful place.  Killing people for having an opinion.

Human rights activists are campaigning to save the life of the first woman in Saudi Arabia to be sentenced to death over her political activism.Israa al-Ghomgham, 29, was arrested along with her husband Moussa al-Hashem in December 2015 for their roles in organising anti-government protests in eastern Qatif province in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

Brussels claiming ‘EU solidarity’ saved Greece is nothing short of a sick joke and propaganda

Stomach-turning to see the EU smugly congratulating itself on “European solidarity” saving Greece. What a sick joke.

Non-Muslims women treated as sex slaves under sharia