“Final Solution”

Senator honours White Australia Policy in first speech and calls for ‘final solution’ on immigration


Here’s something that needs to be discussed, urgently. The drecks media are having a field day re-interpreting what his speech REALLY meant. What the senator meant by “final solution” was that a plebiscite would finally end and solve the debate on immigration.

Senator Fraser Anning said a plebiscite on immigration would the "final solution to the immigration problem".
Senator Fraser Anning said a plebiscite on immigration would the “final solution to the immigration problem”..

“A key part of this great pre-Whitlam consensus was bipartisan support from both Liberal and Labor for a European-based immigration program,” Senator Anning said.

“Great Labor statesmen – Ben Chifley, John Curtin and Arthur Calwell – all strongly supported an immigration program that actively discriminated in favour of Europeans.”

But he said this was dismantled when “[Gough] Whitlam and his hard-left cronies adopted Soviet-inspired United Nations treaties on discrimination and banned preferential selection of migrants based on their ethnicity”.

This had “allowed the cultural conquest of our nation”, Senator Anning warned, bringing about “an insidious silent revolution”.

As a remedy, the Queensland senator proposed radical changes to Australia’s immigration program, including a “drastic” cut to the annual migrant intake and the resumption of discrimination based on race.

“Diversity should be managed to remain compatible with social cohesion and national identity,” he said. “We as a nation are entitled to insist that those who are allowed to come here predominantly reflect the historic European-Christian composition of Australian society.”

Senator Anning took aim at Muslim migrants in particular, claiming they had proven to be the least able to assimilate and integrate into Australian society and other countries. He said a gun attack on a train in Broken Hill in 1915 was Australia’s first terrorist incident and “Muslim immigrants have been a problem ever since”.

He said the reasons to ban Muslim immigration were “compelling and self-evident”, labelling them welfare-bludgers and criminals, and spoke of “black African Muslim gangs terrorising Melbourne”.

“While all Muslims are not terrorists, certainly all terrorists these days are Muslims, so why would anyone want to bring more of them here?” Senator Anning asked.

He advocated a plebiscite on immigration, calling it “the final solution to the immigration problem”, and said he would be happy to abide by the result.

While all Muslims are not terrorists, certainly all terrorists these days are Muslims, so why would anyone want to bring more of them here?

Queensland senator Fraser Anning

In Nazi Germany, the extermination of the Jewish people in Europe and beyond was known as “the final solution to the Jewish question”.

If we keep importing African & Islamic savages, it will be the final solution to the white Australia “problem”. A “non-discriminatory” immigration policy equals collective suicide.

Senator Anning went on to argue that Australia was “on the brink of irreversible change” if citizens failed to “rise up” and unleash a “cultural counter-revolution” against the subversion of Australian society.

“We stand now at the turn of the tide. What we need is a cultural re-conquest of our own country,” he said. “Ethnicity is not just skin-deep – more than anything else, it is our ethno-religious identity that defines us and shapes our nation and national identity.”

Following the speech, Senator Anning shook hands with Coalition and Centre Alliance senators, as well as Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi, Derryn Hinch and Tim Storer.

Senator Anning was declared elected in November last year to replace former One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts, who was found ineligible by the High Court as a dual British citizen. He quit One Nation upon taking his seat and later joined KAP, but did not make his first speech until Tuesday.

The incendiary comments about immigration are reminiscent of Senator Hanson’s first speech as an MP in 1996, when she infamously warned Australia was on the verge of being “swamped by Asians”.

Labor’s Senate leader Penny Wong, who was born in Malaysia to an Australian mother and Malaysian father, repudiated Senator Anning’s speech.

“My parents were married in the dying days of the White Australia Policy. We’ve rightly consigned that policy to the dustbin of history,” she said.

Shades of Pauline Hanson in Fraser Anning’s first speech

Rosie Lewis The Australian August 14, 2018

Conservative Queensland senator Fraser Anning has evoked his former party leader Pauline Hanson and called for an end to Muslim immigration in a contentious first speech that praised the White Australia policy. The Katter’s Australian Party senator declared the “greatest concern for Australia’s future” was immigration and singled out Muslims, as he called for a people’s vote on “who comes here”.

Senator Hanson also wants a plebiscite on migration levels and warned in her first speech in 2016 that Australia was “in danger of being swamped by Muslims”.

“The one immigrant group here and in other Western nations that has consistently shown itself to be the least able to assimilate and integrate is Muslims,” Senator Anning said.

“I believe that the reasons for ending all further Muslim immigration are both compelling and self-evident. The record of Muslims who have already come to this country in terms of rates of crime, welfare dependency and terrorism are the worst of any migrants and vastly exceed any other immigrant groups.”

The Australian has asked Senator Anning to clarify what statistics he used to base his comments on.

Neither Crime Statistics Australia nor the Australian Bureau of Statistics have a breakdown of offenders’ religion or ethnicity.

The 2016 census found 2.6 per cent of the population believed in Islam, up from 2.2 per cent in 2011, while 52 per cent was Christian.

Senator Anning, who comes from a cattle grazing family in far North Queensland, reflected on his home state in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, when he said “working blokes could get good, well-paying jobs”.

He lashed the Whitlam government for completely eliminating the White Australia policy in the 1970s.

“The huge numbers of people allowed to flood into Australia in recent years are unsustainable, with immigration quotas apparently set by successive governments on a whim, without any regard for the necessary infrastructure that these people would require or the ability of those that came here to assimilate,” Senator Anning said.

“Ethno-cultural diversity — which is known to undermine social cohesion — has been allowed to rise to dangerous levels in many suburbs.”

Speaking after the speech, Labor’s Senate leader Penny Wong noted her parents were married in the final days of the White Australia policy, which had been “rightly consigned to the dustbin of history”.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale said Senator Anning’s comments about the “final solution” to reduce immigration being a plebiscite were “vile” and demanded an apology.

“Referring to immigrants, particularly Muslim immigrants, with the same language that the Nazi’s used to discuss the extermination of Europe’s Jews during the Holocaust is vile, racist, bigoted and has no place in out society, let alone our parliament,” Senator Di Natale said.

Senator Anning said his use of the words “final solution” meant nothing other than “ultimate solution”, and claims otherwise were “ridiculous”.

“Some in the media and left wing politicians are simply afraid of the Australian people having a say on who comes here,” he said.

Senator Anning was elected as a One Nation senator last November but jumped ship from the minor party following a bitter feud with Senator Hanson.

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3 thoughts on ““Final Solution””

  1. It’s not about colour. It’s about IDEAS. Islam is a deadly set of ideas that are deadly whether it’s inside the head of a person who is white, black, brown or brindle. And it isn’t just ‘white’ non-Islamic countries that would be wise to stop more Muslims from getting in, and expel the ones they’ve already got.
    India, for example; if at partition ALL Muslims had been expelled from India, India would be immeasurably better off right now.
    If black Ethiopia – still majority-non-Muslim, mostly-Christian – were to *expel* every last Muslim into Egypt, Sudan and Somalia, Ethiopia would be better off.
    If Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania kicked out all their Muslims and then fortified their borders to prevent Muslims from getting in, they’d be better off.
    If Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines expelled all their Musilms, they’d be better off.
    If *Israel* expelled all the Muslims from within their gates – including those in Judea and Samaria – and chucked them out into Gaza, their security situation would be immeasurably better.
    It isn’t just ‘european’ countries that need to expel Muslims and also to stop them from getting in!
    As for any idjit that starts wailing about Muslims being ‘the new Jews’… pure nonsense. It’s *Muslims* who are the **New Nazis**… their Jewhatred is vicious and murderous, and very ancient, Muslims have been hating and killing Jews (or if not killing, then exploiting, abusing, raping, force-‘converting’, etc, subjugating them as despised dhimmi untermenschen) for 1400 years. If all Muslims were expelled from Australia and from western Europe, Jews in those places would be much much safer – along with every other kind of non-Muslim there present – than they are now. Polls have found it is the Muslims in Europe who are much more rabidly and openly antisemitic than the native Europeans! Jews are fleeing France… driven out by… murderous attacks and threats and violence carried out by… the *Muslims*.

    I would encourage *everyone* who supports a flat ban on Muslim immigration, to write to Senator Anning post-haste and say so. If he gets thousands and thousands of emails of support, he may be able to stand firm. Glad to see Katter backing him – Katter has Lebanese Christian immigrant forebears who knew exactly how awful it was to live as dhimmis under Muslim overlords.

  2. Like most conservatives, his intentions were admirable but his delivery was dismal. Everything he said was true and he got the figures from the ABS so what is all the fluff about. To the left and those spineless coalition parasites, the truth is not now required for them to start their next empathy tut tutting, Truth is fact and fact is truth, so instead of placing their collective heads in the sand and screaming “Plausible Deniability” they should look at the facts and listen to their own electorates instead of the leftwing PC bureaucrats who follow each other with their heads firmly up each other ARSE!

  3. ‘Final solution’ is just a phrase. But a phrase associated with a dark event in history.

    But Anning’s choice of words is more or less down to the limitations of English vocabulary in this case , because there are limited ways to express what he meant more concisely.

    Synonyms for ‘final’ : “last, closing, concluding, finishing, end, ending, terminating, terminal, culminating, ultimate, eventual, endmost”

    Synonyms for ‘solution’: “answer, result”

    So what could he have said? ‘Last answer’ would not make sense. Nor would ‘terminal answer’ etc

    Every other combination of words in that list would be equally clumsy and not descriptive of the point he was trying to make.

    Except possibly ‘Ultimate answer’.

    The original German phrase which caused so many self-righteous , virtue-signalling politicians to put on an amazing display of hystrionics was ‘endgültige Lösung der Judenfrage’ – which translates to ‘final solution to the Jewish question’.

    Germans today have no problem using the phrase ‘endgültige Lösung’ (final solution) in day to day language just as we don’t (or shouldn’t.)

    Should teachers get paranoid that it’s taken the wrong way when asking their students to work out a final solution for a maths problem?

    It seems such stupidity applies only to politicians and media.

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