Suicidal Altruism: African Colonists Run Wild in Australia


The reason South Africa’s death spiral is of immediate relevance to all of us is that the horrors unfolding there will not remain limited to the Dark Continent. The former French colony Haiti is one example. Another is Australia:

Police in Melbourne have been slammed for making no arrests after residents of the city’s north-west suburbs were terrorised by gangs of African youths who bragged “police can’t touch us” and branded frightened families “racist”.

The teenage African colonists did as they pleased, knowing that political correctness would protect them from consequences. They threw rocks at police and their vehicles, smashing the rear window of a squad car.

A recurring theme in locals’ testimony was the desire to feel safe in their own homes amidst rising African violence in Melbourne. “I thought this isn’t right. I should be able to come out here and feel safe,” said one resident, who told 9NEWS she was branded a “racist” by female troublemakers on her property she tried to confront during the chaos.

Australians made their bed when they allowed these people into the country. Now they get to sleep in it.

Americans will get to sleep in this bed too. The combination of suicidal altruism and the skyrocketing population of Western-subsidized Africa makes it inevitable.

2 thoughts on “Suicidal Altruism: African Colonists Run Wild in Australia”

  1. The cops took away your guns so they won’t have to use theirs – not even to protect you from any foreign invaders any more!


    Good on ya!


  2. In the Peoples Republic of Victoria only the innocent and conservatives are harassed, convicted, jailed and persecuted whilst the Scumbag left and the roaming mongrel African welfare parasites are encouraged, protected and praised by the moronic Victorian Government and Police. They see what is happening right in front of their eyes but will always spin it so they are politically correct and social justice hero’s. Pathetic thy name is Victoria.

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