“Victoria is one of the safest places in the world to live …”

100 African Youths Run Riot, No Arrests Made
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Samantha Hutchinson The Australian August 9, 2018

Residents of a Melbourne street where dozens of youths of African appearance last night set upon police and hurled rocks at their cars described how they feared for their safety and their children.

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They must have been taking licence from all the media interviews with leftist commentators who argue that African crime is a figment of fevered right-wing shock jocks’ imaginations.

Is Murphy mad?

Katharine Murphy has a very silly reaction to   Andrew Bolt’s article on mass immigration – a reaction very close to sticking fingers in her ears and shouting “I can’t hear you”:  

Melbourne today –  police would not describe the offenders:  

THREE teenage girls have been charged after allegedly dragging a woman from her car and breaking her nose during a brazen daylight carjacking in Dandenong.


Andrew Bolt

Waleed Aly jokes on The Project:  

I am of African heritage. If there really are a bunch of African gangs, frankly I am offended to not have at least been joined to join one.

If he hurries, he can join one in Taylor’s Hill:

A large group of out-of-control African youths have hurled ‘a number’ of rocks and damaged a police car during a rampage.

This must be the youth demographic that Reserve Bank governor Phillip Lowe was praising today:

The movement to Australia of large numbers of young people over the past decade has changed our demographic profile in a positive way.

A “positive way”:

The Herald Sun witnessed dozens of heavily armed riot and plain-clothed police in Taylors Hill and Caroline Springs, with locals told not to leave their houses.

Too afraid to go to a restaurant. Someone should tell the Junkee website and GetUp!:

The people of Melbourne have hit back at home affairs [minister] Peter Dutton over his ludicrous comments about an imagined crime wave

Never one to miss out on a race-based scare campaign, Dutton [said] “African gang violence” has made people in Melbourne “scared to go out to restaurants at night time …”

In response, activist group GetUp! took to Twitter to suggest that anyone out for dinner in Melbourne take a photo of their meal to prove the minister wrong.

I wonder if the residents of Bronte Way in Taylors Hill will get a chance to get to their local restaurant and take a picture:

The resident said they called police about 7.20pm and were told officers had blocked the road near Taylors Hill Coles on Gourlay Rd.

“In one area there is a massive group the police said were Sudanese and near the park in Bronte Way

there was another really large group of Sudanese and they basically said they don’t have it under control but there is a strong police presence,” they said.

“They told me to stay inside, lock the doors and yeah, it’s scary, I’ve got a nine-year-old and an eleven-year-old and they’re scared.”

Taylors Hill resident Peter Lazaridis, who saw 30 youths of African appearance walking in the area, described the situation as “scary”.

Maybe chief Commissioner Graham Ashton should drive out to the residents of Taylor’s Hill and tell them it’s rubbish to be too scared to go outside:

Victoria’s most senior police officer has rubbished suggestions of an “African gang crisis”, even asking a reporter, “how long since you’ve been out for dinner?” in an, at times, extraordinary press conference…

“I’ve heard people say that Victoria is not a safe place to live,” he said.

“That’s complete and utter garbage. There are people who have been affected by crime, and that’s always been the case, and that’s the case in every city in Australia, and the same as every city in the world.

“Victoria is one of the safest places in the world to live … and the sort of concept that somehow it’s unsafe to go out for dinner … how long since you’ve been out for dinner?”

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