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Merkel Calls Concerned German Citizens in Chemnitz ‘Neo-Nazis’

Via her spokesman, German chancellor Angela Merkel has called the protesting citizens in Chemnitz neo-Nazis and xenophobes.

In a statement on Monday she urged her country’s citizens to stand up against hate and division as propagated by the ‘far-right’ during ‘xenophobic’ protests in Chemnitz.

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Chemnitz: Merkel journaille as agents provocateurs:

The Merkel  government regime  plants provocateurs who do Hitler salutes. They also employ undercover journalists. Apparently the latter were the reason the march in Chemnitz got off to a late start. Specifically, the woman in this video with the yellow jacket purposefully disobeyed the orders of the ushers, who were trying to clear the route for the march to start. She was also aggressive, acted like a jerk, and started to become physical.

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She left shortly afterwards, using a press pass to get through the police gates.

A Town Hall Meeting in Chemnitz

The following video shows excerpts from a “town hall” meeting in Chemnitz, the city in eastern Germany that has become the focal point of protests against mass immigration. The demonstrations began last week after two people were stabbed to death by culture-enrichers. The minister president for Saxony (who is roughly equivalent to the governor of an American state, or the premier of a Canadian province) joined the mayor of Chemnitz in a face-to-face discussion with residents of the city.

Media reports on the demonstrations in Chemnitz focused on the sieg-heiling of a few of the participants, and the even rarer instances of violence. My intuition tells me that many — if not all — of the “Nazis” who strutted their stuff at the demos were in fact planted by state intelligence services. The NPD (the largest neo-Nazi outfit in Germany) is notorious for being thoroughly infiltrated by police and intelligence agents, including many in leadership positions. If the government wanted to discredit dissent against its immigration policies — and I assume it does — it would be foolish not to use those undercover assets to sieg-heil and chase down “southern-looking” people while media cameras were present. Footage of such incidents would then be shown repeatedly on television, at home and abroad, to the exclusion of almost anything else.

So the situation is even worse than the angry residents of Chemnitz think. When they speak to the mayor and the minister president about the media slanders against themselves and their fellow citizens, they don’t realize that those slanders are deliberately generated, inflated, and propagated by government agencies in collusion with the media.

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Chemnitz Locals Blast German Officials, Media at Heated Town Hall

Locals from around Chemnitz, Germany, slammed mainstream media and politicians who have smeared anti-mass migration protesters as “Nazis” and “far-right extremists” during a heated town hall.

Present at the meeting, which was aired live by NTV, were Chemnitz mayor Barbara Ludwig and Saxony’s minister-president Michael Kretschmer.

Angry Germans Confront the Lügenpresse in Chemnitz

It really seems that the incident in Chemnitz — in which a native German was set upon by a gang of culture-enrichers and stabbed to death — may be the flash point for mass unrest in Germany. It had to happen someday; the only question was what would set it off. Chemnitz is in the former DDR, whose citizens are less sheep-like than those in the West, so that’s part of the reason why it’s happening there.

The following video shows an encounter between a news reporter and ordinary citizens on the street in Chemnitz (at least I assume it’s Chemnitz). The reporter is clearly hostile to the “racists” and “neo-Nazis” she interviews, and they react to her with extreme anger.

Vlad Tepes uploaded this video, but I don’t know who did the translation and subtitling. NOTE: Since this is not one of our productions, the naughty words in the subtitles have not been redacted with asterisks: