Oz Moslem couple: terror “obligation to defend Islam”

The reporting is atrocious. It seems to get worse by the day.

AUS Teen Couple Considered Terror “Obligation” to Defend Islam…

A married teenager Muslim woman accused of plotting a terror attack with her husband told her “Boo Boo” she would never give evidence against him and that Allah was her legislator, a Sydney jury has heard.

Its an insult to call these vicious animals “teenagers”. The media really sucks. Bad. 

Alo-Bridget Namoa and husband Sameh Bayda, both now aged 21, are accused of preparing a terrorist attack and having multiple documents connected with terrorism.

Alo-Bridget Namoa was raised as a Catholic and converted  to Islam.  She referred to herself and her husband as a ‘jihadi Bonnie and Clyde’, 

Both were aged 18 when arrested arrested at a home in Auburn in early 2016.

On the first day of their trial in the NSW Supreme Court, crown prosecutor Nicholas Robinson said the pair had a large volume of extremist material including Islamic State and al-Qaeda magazines.

“They considered Islam under attack around the world and they had an obligation to respond,” the prosecutor told the jury on Monday.

In other words, they are devout Mohammedans who take their religion seriously. Most of them do. Does that make them “Australian?”

Mr Robinson said a “goodbye note” Namoa had written to her husband was found on one of the couple’s phones, while Namoa authored a neatly handwritten and unsigned note found at Bayda’s home.

Addressed to “my Boo Boo”, the handwritten note in effect told Bayda she’d never give evidence against him.

“Allah is my legislator, I don’t follow their corrupt laws,” the note stated, according to the prosecutor.

Mr Robinson said the evidence included thousands of images, numerous graphic videos of executions and other deaths, and social media profiles that showed the pair had adopted alternate names or kunya.

Namoa also linked Bayda, whom she married in a 2015 Islamic ceremony, to a group on messaging platform Telegram that gave “advice to those who cannot come to Sham” – the Syrian area of the Levant.

Mr Robinson said, when confronted by police at his home, Bayda told his wife to delete messages between the pair that were contained on her phone.

Police later retrieved more than 5000 deleted messages from Namoa’s phone.

The prosecutor said Bayda’s phone contained several selfies with “IS salutes” and extremist documents including one that advised the “perfect place to kill” by stabbing.

The jury heard when police raided a home in early 2016, Namoa started trying to dress herself and asked the whereabouts of her skirt and gloves.

She then attempted to get her handbag in which police later found a hunting knife and a folded black Shahada flag.

Namoa’s lawyer, Christopher O’Donnell, told the jury it was important to note the gloves were found in the handbag.

“Context is very important,” Mr O’Donnell said.

Bayda’s counsel said the intention of the young man was very much in dispute and asked the jury to consider the role the couple’s age may have had in their conduct.

Bayda and Namoa, dressed in a red hijab, made handwritten notes while seated beside each other in court.

Here’s another one. Or is it the same? 

“You’re all pigs. You’ll all die in hellfire at hands of Allah.”
XY inside the shop buying two large hunting knives.
XY inside the shop buying two large hunting knives.

Terror teen trial dismissed with hung jury, as new details emerge about his friend

A JURY has failed to come to a verdict on a teenager accused of planning for a terror attack involving lethal bayonet knives days after they unanimously found his friend guilty of preparing for someone to be murdered or injured in the name of ISIS.

After eight days of deliberating the 12-person jury was today discharged after it couldn’t reach a decision on whether 18-year-old “AB” planned for an Islamic State inspired attack.

A knife that was found in a backpack following the arrest.
One of the backpacks found at the scene.


His friend, “XY”, who is the stepson of a convicted terrorist, remained silent and expressionless when he was found guilty on Monday following the NSW Supreme Court trial.

The Daily Telegraph can now tell the full story about the extent of XY’s radicalisation after he came onto the radar of counter terrorism authorities at just age 12.

That includes that, while handcuffed and furious in 2016 after his terror plot was foiled by police, he told them: “We’re going to rule this land by sharia” and “Your whole government will be destroyed one day by Allah”.

An invoice submitted to the court showing the purchase of two knives.

XY left his phone at home to go undetected by authorities when he travelled to the Bankstown Gun Shop and bought two M9 bayonets, while AB allegedly waited outside on October 12, 2016.

Undercover officers were watching and arrested the pair a short time later after they caught the bus to the Bankstown public Islamic prayer hall.

Along with the weapons, police also found a note pledging allegiance to the caliphate.

The court heard XY told police: “You’re all pigs. Look at you like lambs to the slaughter. You’ll all die in hellfire at hands of Allah.”

But what the jury didn’t hear was a recording of him abusing officers while he was sitting handcuffed in Adnum Lane following the arrest, which was played at an earlier bail hearing.

“Anyone who works with the pigs, with the, ah, police, ah, is an apostate dog,” he said.

He later threatened: “So whatever youse do, you bunch of pigs, youse will never prevail over Islam.”

A backpack containing the knives purchased was shown to the court.

“Islam is going to take over youse. And inshallah, Islam, we’re going to, he’s going to take all the kuffar’s wife and children as slaves all right?

And he threatened that “disbelievers” would be “destroyed and demolished”.

The jury also didn’t hear that in 2015 XY was recorded bragging to his mother about doing something “bigger” days after the murder of Curtis Cheng.

“When they come, I am going to do something to them that they have never seen before. I am going to do something bigger,” he said in a recorded conversation days after schoolboy Farhad Jabar carried out the brutal shooting.

XY was also pictured holding a poster at just age 12 at the Hyde Park riots saying “Behead all those who insult the prophet”.

Police found an A4 note written partly in Arabic and partly in English pledging allegiance to the caliphate.

During the trial the jury was told to consider the evidence against both boys completely separately. None of the evidence about XY was relevant to determining whether AB’s charges should be upheld..

AB’s barrister James Trevallion told the jury there was nothing in the AB’s search history in the months leading up to his arrest pointing to support for ISIS.

His internet search history included UFC and pornography and school work, the court heard.

Mr Trevallion said a bail application for his client would be made at a future date.

The state will now have to consider whether to retry AB, while XY will be sentenced at a later date.

Both matters are listed for direction on September 13.