Say women have penises, or else…!

Ignore the global jihad. We have real problems:

Angelos Sofocleous, 24, was pushed out of his role with Critique, Durham University’s philosophy journal, after his retweet of an article in The Spectator outraged students on social media, who claimed he was harming the transgendered.
Student Editor Fired for ‘Transphobia’ After ‘Women Don’t Have Penises’ Tweet

Student Editor Fired for ‘Transphobia’ After ‘Women Don’t Have Penises’ Tweet

After being forced to resign as President-elect of @HumanistStudent and fired as Assistant Editor of @DUPS_Critique, I have now been fired as General Editor of @DurhamBubble, simply for believing that ‘women don’t have penises’. Has the world gone mad?

Iran's Revolutionary Guard vows to avenge Ahvaz attack

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard vows to avenge Ahvaz attack


Rudy Giuliani Predicts Overthrow of Iran Regime

A ‘deadly and unforgiving revenge’ for attack that killed 29 people, says Iranian elite force as UAE denies involvement.

Swiss region votes to ban face veil in public places


The Swiss region of St Gallen has voted in favour of a “burqa ban”, prohibiting all face-covering garments in public spaces, a decision that a local Islamic organisation has termed “Islamophobic”.

Austria face veil ban ‘criminalises Muslim women’

That’s a dumb argument. Islam is a criminal cult. It must be stopped.

Denmark  already banned  the burqa in public spaces

Swedish Populists Win So Many Seats They Have Difficulty Filling Them


The populist Sweden Democrats won so many votes in the country’s recent elections that they won more seats in local governments than they had candidates to fill them.

Swiss-Flagged Cargo Ship Attacked by Pirates off Nigeria’s Coast, 12 Crew Kidnapped

Pirates Attack Swiss Cargo Ship Off Nigeria Coast, 12 Crew Kidnapped

Needless to mention that these pirates are Moslem pirates, like back in the days of Thomas Jefferson & the Barbary wars….

3 thoughts on “Say women have penises, or else…!”

  1. This is a crazy age. The redefinition against nature and historically established semantics of everything has become a feature of our mad time.
    No problem… You can lose you accademico role or even your PhD – even told you can’t finish your studies – for saying “Evolutionism” is yes a scientific theory but not proved science. Now you can likewise be fired is you are “islamphobic” or “homophobic” in saying that woman do not have “pxxxs” or any religion or/and culture unfit to reciprocate true freedom and democracy has no space in the Western multicultural spectrum.
    We should be aware that all this is a reality not because the enemy is strong but because our Civilisation has been betrayed firstly internally. It is an immune system disease caused by at least a century of planned war by an increasingly powerful elite (the Master Design) who has conceived the end of true Judeo-Christianity in favor of a proved Luciferian stock, also capable to attack Russia after eliminating Christendom in the West. The objective is (contrary to all beautiful globalist labels) the establishment of a Plutocratic global dictatorship.

    Swiss knows what to do!

  2. Thought-killing psychopaths pretend morality is their emotions, so the worst crime is a “hurt crime” – to hurt someone’s precious feelings. That’s hurtful – I mean, “hateful!” No big meanies should ever be allowed to use brain-hurting “facts,” “logic,” rationality” etc! So there, nyah! If and when some guy says they feel like a girl, then it’s mean to try to say otherwise.

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