Steve Bannon interview on Four Corners (on their ABC – not yours -)

Leftist hack Sarah Ferguson’s can barely hide her contempt for Steve Bannon, who has become the bogeyman for leftist bedwetters worldwide.

Ignore her deeply partisan, over-the-top, aggressive style.  She’s an angry, intellectually egotistical witch. (Most of them are). Just enjoy how Bannon shoots her down, every time she goes on the attack.

Everyone on the “unbiased” ABC agrees that Bannon is bad. So much for diversity of thought on this taxpayer-funded broadcaster.


Even the ABC’s older Leftists are alarmed by  their younger and more brainless colleagues’ hostility to debate:

The Four Corners interview with Steve Bannon this week has caused a deep rift at the ABC between those who believe holding figures like Bannon to account is exactly what the flagship program should be doing and those who are unhappy the former White House adviser and Breitbart editor was given an ABC platform.

Those in the first camp include, of course, the interviewer, Sarah Ferguson, and her executive producer, Sally Neighbour, and established ABC stars Leigh Sales and Virginia Trioli.

Those in the other camp tend to be the younger, more ethnically diverse journalists including ABC Life’s Osman Faruqi and digital news producer Jennine Khalik.

First, note that everyone on this allegedly unbiased ABC starts agrees that Bannon is bad. So much for diversity of thought on this taxpayer-funded broadcaster.

But how the debate is whether their ABC – not yours – should even show the face of people the ABC staff agree are bad.

That is dangerous low to which the ABC has sunk, under the non-leadership of Michelle Guthrie and Justin Milne. These “leaders” should be ashamed that ABC staff now question even interviewing people of the Right.

But here is an example of this astonishing intolerance, from a former Greens candidate that the ABC recently hired for its lifestyle arm, now abusing ABC journalists with infinitely more experience and credibility – and note he plays the identity card:

Does Faruqi realise that by claiming to the representative of “people of colour” that he associates such POCs with intolerance and censorship, thus feeding exactly the suspicions he decries?

If his kind of views truly are what we get by hiring more such “POC” on the ABC, then tremble for the ABC, which I presume may just as well become an arm of Al Jazeera:

The hijab story’s been done to death. Stop lying, you c*nt!

All the more reason for Sky News to exist and expand.

After all, who else won’t this new ABC let speak?