The Dalai Lama Versus Europe’s Rulers

All hail the Dalliman!

Good thing he is the Dalai Lama; otherwise he might literally get thrown in prison for saying on European soil that “Europe belongs to Europeans.” Black Pigeon Speaks details a few of the thought crimes of the Dalai Lama, and discusses the implications of the widely loved and respected spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism being a hate-filled xenophobic bigot according to the ideology of Europe’s ruling class:

Regarding the reference to Taharrush, here’s how that game is played:

A mob of Arab men form three concentric circles around a female victim who asked for it by being Western or by wearing Western clothes. The inner circle rips her clothes off, gropes her, inserts fingers into orifices, et cetera. The middle circle cheers on the inner circle. The outer circle makes sure passers-by don’t know what is going on.

The game was played on female Western journalists in Egypt during the “Arab Spring” uprisings, which ironically were backed by the liberal establishment, including the media. It is all the rage in colognized Germany, and is also played in Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

The word “taharrush” means “harassment.”

You aren’t likely to hear so much as a peep from the #MeToo crowd about Taharrush. This is because the issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution.