Tony Bliar, £9m slave of allah

Tony Bliar admits receiving more than £9m of “donations” from Saudi Arabia

Tony Bliar, the traitor who flooded the UK with millions of Mohammedan savages. Always  a willing lackey for  Soddy Barbarian dollars.

The former UK prime minister, Tony Blair’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has come under the spotlight following revelations that the non-government organisation he runs has received millions of pounds from the Saudi regime.

Accounts which were published earlier this week by the Tony Blair Institute confirmed earlier reports that Blair had received “donations” of up to £9.3m from Riyadh.

The Financial Times reported that the Saudi funding came via an organisation called ‘Media Investment Limited’ (MIL), which is a subsidiary of the Saudi Research & Marketing Group, registered in the tax-free haven of Guernsey.

Publication of the accounts confirmed earlier report in July that the Tony Blair Institute had made an agreement with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman earlier this year to assist with a “modernisation programme” for the oil-rich Kingdom.

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  1. No surprise at all! I would be instead surprised if at least a quarter of Western Politicians have no “donated” assets in the countries where the Trojan horses come from… and if at least 10% of the “Socialist” demonstrators did not receive payments from George Soros.

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