China’s Uighur Reeducation Program

China defends internment camps for Uighur Muslims 

Al Jazeera English

Human rights groups have said that the internment camps in Xinjiang that hold up to one million Uighur Muslims are, in reality, re-education centres where inmates are held indefinitely without charge and forced to denounce Islam and praise the Communist Party. But after only recently admitting the existence of the camps, China has mounted a public relations offensive defending them. Through documentaries and statements from public officials, China has said that the “vocational centres” will help cleanse Xinjiang of the “virus of religious extremism” while providing detainees with free food, shelter, Mandarin-language and job training and even the opportunity to make $300 dollars a month. The public diplomacy campaign comes as the Uighur detention programme is expected to face tough questions at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Al Jazeera’s Adrian Brown reports from Beijing.

Interesting comment, here:

The Uighur were devout Buddhists until they were forcefully converted to Islam in the 8th. century. Those who resisted were slaughtered ruthlessly by the millions, even women and children. There were thousands of Buddhist monasteries in Xinjiang that were razed to the ground by the sword of Islam, and tens of thousands of Buddhists monks were butchered like cattle with gruesome beheadings in the name of the greatest scourge in history, Islam. At least the Chinese are not beheading them, only re-educating them. For historical justice to be served they should all be forcefully converted to Buddhism which is their true heritage, and the religion of their ancestors, so cruelty taken away from them by the evil of Islam.

Can anyone verify this?