French Media Attacks Father of Bataclan Victim for Being Too Close to ‘Far Right’

A lot more was done to some of the victims than just murder. The rather gruesome details of the ritual killings were suppressed by the Saudi-bought French government. Some of the details which were leaked online. As always one is not allowed to be upset at such horror.


A French mainstream newspaper has attacked Patrick Jardin, father of 31-year-old Bataclan massacre victim Nathalie Jardin, for being too close to anti-Islamisation figures and groups deemed “far right”.

While other parents of victims of the 2015 massacre have called for people to rally against hate, 65-year-old Jardin has been defiant and says he will never forgive the radical Islamic terrorists who murdered his daughter, saying: “Me, I hate.”

In an article released this week by French newspaper Le Monde, Mr Jardin was attacked for associating with groups like the anti-Islamisation youth activist organisation Generation Identitaire, as well as figures like author Renaud Camus, who coined the theory of the “Great Replacement.”

Jardin has come to the forefront in recent weeks due to his involvement in a campaign to have rapper Médine’s October concert at the Bataclan cancelled.

The announcement of the concert earlier this year sparked controversy due to the fact that one of the rapper’s albums was entitled ‘Jihad’. Earlier this month the campaign proved a success when Médine announced the cancellation of the concert.

The French paper also claims that Mr Jardin was of interest to the far-right group Action des Forces Opérationnelles (AFO), saying that the leader of the group attempted to recruit Jardin at one point.

Several AFO members were arrested back in June after the French domestic intelligence service, the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI), found members to be making homemade hand grenades and undergoing various kinds of weapons training. The AFO was allegedly also plotting attacks against radical Muslims.

It was later revealed that one of the AFO members arrested had, like Jardin, lost a daughter at the Bataclan.

The 65-year-old said he did not look at himself as an extremist or a “racist” but rather as a patriot, a nationalist, a Gaullist and a father who lost his daughter.

According to the paper, Jardin still pays for the mobile phone bill of his daughter to this day so he can call the number to hear her voice on the answering machine.


3 thoughts on “French Media Attacks Father of Bataclan Victim for Being Too Close to ‘Far Right’”

  1. and the French islamophile “authorities” again are given yet another example of what WILL happen to them if/when their assistance to invader islams and criminal African tribals is successful !!!

  2. Notice how even the craven news retarders have to admit that:

    “The AFO was allegedly also plotting attacks against radical Muslims.”

    And what do the “radical” ones do? Incite murder! They approve of murder! They want murder, and, according to their own rules, (Sura 9:111) are perfectly willing to be killed for their “right” to kill innocent other people first!

    So in other words, these bereaved parents are simply doing the job their taxes already pay the security services to do – but aren’t even pretending to bother to do, at all.

    “Our leaders” are total frauds. They openly admit they have no intention of performing the jobs they agreed to be hired and take our tax money to perform: to defend we the public from murderous foreign invaders and global crime-gangs like islam.

    There is no reason for us to continue to pay them, and in fact a logical duty to replace them as soon as possible, while holding them accountable for their crimes of fraudulent theft and all of the collateral damages (including the deaths of everyone murdered by muslims) due to their intentional negligence.

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