WTF is wrong with SBS calling Islamic savages “teenagers?”

“Australian teen” encouraged to join IS by local charity boss:

The SOB is not Australian and he’s a full grown head-chopper. He’s not a “teen”.

For some intelligible reason, the Australian government is trying to bring all ISIS fighters back home to live among us as normal…

“19-year-old Isaak el Matari confessed that he was encouraged to travel to Syria for IS by the head of a Sydney charity.”

“He is on a plane back to Australia at this very moment.”


Isaak el Matari has reportedly been jailed in Lebanon for nine months after being accused of trying to join Islamic State.
Isaak el Matari has reportedly been jailed in Lebanon for nine months

A Sydney teenager jailed in Lebanon on accusations he was trying to join Islamic State has allegedly confessed that the head of an Australian charity pushed him to join the group, according to a report.

The ABC reported on Thursday that 19-year-old Isaak el Matari had spent the past nine months in Lebanon’s Roumieh jail accused of planning to travel from Lebanon into Syria to join IS.

“Mr Matari was arrested by Lebanese security forces in the northern city of Tripoli on August 31 last year, less than two weeks after he secretly flew to Lebanon, shocking his Sydney family,” it said.

He was reportedly only days away from crossing the border into Syria after communicating with IS terrorists, including a foreign IS “coordinator”.

Referencing Lebanese court documents, the ABC said Mr Matari told interrogators he had been encouraged to join IS in Syria by the head of an Australian charity.

SBS News visited the Sydney office of the charity on Thursday but it did not provide comment.

Mr Matari is reportedly due to be deported from Lebanon and could arrive back in Australia within days, where he will likely come to the attention of Australian counter-terrorism authorities.

Counter-terrorism expert Professor Greg Barton from Deakin University welcomed the news of Mr Matari’s deportation.

Sickening that this twerp is the ‘go-to’ guy for all things Islamic down under.

“He should come back and face justice in Australia. That would be the most appropriate way of dealing with this,” he told SBS News.

No. He should be eliminated on the battle field. Our idiotic humanity is killing us!

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