Brother Tariq in deep shiite


Ramadan faces rape charges in France and is out from prison on bail. (AP)
In the latest scandal to hit Islamic scholar , 776 pornographic photos – including some purportedly of the women currently suing him on sexual and rape allegations – were found on his laptops.

Brother Tariq in deep shiite

Ramadan Accused of Sexual Contact with Underage Girls

Tariq Ramadan he has been released on bail. AP
Tariq Ramadan  has been released on bail. AP

A devastating new report summarising Swiss investigations into Tariq Ramadan sets out a series of alleged sexual assaults and contacts with underage girls.

The Oxford professor was arrested in France in February on charges of sexual assault, and has since faced allegations in Switzerland of a similar nature.

Of course Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Hasan al Banna, father of the Muslim Brotherhood, is no “Oxford professor”. To have this sexual predator in any position in a Western institution of higher learning just proves how totally corrupt wakademia is thanks to the Arab influence.

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Peshawar, Pakistan:

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Swiss Report: Ramadan Accused of Sexual Contact with Underage Girls