Rapefugees & Real Crime

UK Top Cop Slams Politicised ‘Hate Crime’ Obsession, Demands Focus on Real Crime

One of the UK’s most senior police officers has slammed the prioritisation of “hate crimes,” calling for officers to solve more burglaries and violent attacks by focusing on “core policing.”

National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) Chair Sara Thornton CBE also said she did not want to see “misogyny” and offensive comments about women specified in law as hate crimes.

She implied political pressure was put on police to record “hate incidents” that do not qualify as crimes when resources are stretched and some violent crimes are rising to record levels.

Italian Far-Left: Teen Raped and Murdered by Migrants Was ‘Lucky’

Italian Far-Left: Teen Raped and Murdered by Migrants Was ‘Lucky’

Another young life sacrificed upon the altar of multiculturalism. How lucky was she!

A Facebook page belonging to a far-left Italian group has said that 16-year-old Desirèe Mariottini was “lucky” after being drugged, raped, and murdered, allegedly by a group of migrants, because she’s seen as a victim.

The post, which was put up on the Potere al Popolo or “Power to the People” page, says that the murdered 16-year-old was “lucky” to be killed by migrants saying that there would not be as much outrage among regular Italians if her alleged killers were not migrants, Il Giornale reports.

“It highlights that there are no rights actually recognised for women, everything depends on those who hurt you,” the author, who is part of an “anti-racist” group said.

Italy: Populists Block Muslim Group’s Bid to Turn Chapel into Mosque

There’s that dumb word again: “populist”. As if self-preservation by the people was a bad thing.

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - DECEMBER 05: A homelss street child prays at an Orthodox church December 5, 2006 in Bucharest, Romania. Romania, a country of over 21 million people that is set to join the European Union on the first of the year, still struggles with widespread poverty. Approximately 25% of …

Lombardy’s populist League-led local government has blocked plans to turn an old chapel into a mosque after an Islamic group outbid Christians at the auction of a church in Bergamo, northern Italy.

The region’s president, Attilio Fontana, announced at the weekend that the council had utilised a 2004 law which allows regional government to halt a sale in the name of safeguarding cultural sites.

Third Child Policy: Italian Populists Propose Giving Free Land to Families

Bravo Salvini!

Europe was in no real ‘threat” of under populating herself.
Reduce the taxes and the people will breed. Bring back the traditional family structure.

Evacuee children from London, on their way to school in Devon, World War II 1940. The children are (left to right) Ronald (7), Iris (4) and David Blackie (8), of Campbell Buildings in Lower Marsh, near Waterloo Station, London. They are staying in a farmhouse with a Mrs Shillabeer. (Photo …

Italy’s populist government has joined Hungary in funding measures to naturally maintain its population without mass migration by proposing giving parents farmland if they are expecting their third child.

Austria Follows Trump and Withdraws from UN Migration Treaty to Preserve Sovereignty

Austria Follows Trump and Withdraws from UN Migration Treaty to Preserve Sovereignty

Paris Police Arrest over 1,500 Moroccans in 2018, But Just Six Deported

Paris police say they have arrested 1,552 Moroccan migrant minors so far in 2018 after cooperating with Moroccan authorities, but have only managed to deport six.

Australians being deceived by their government:

Dozens of refugee children and their families will be transferred from the tiny island of Nauru to Australia, but they won’t be allowed to permanently settle .

Once they’re in we won’t get them out again. The do-gooders will see to it. Btw: this morning I overheard one of our TV-tards babble about “adult-children”. Please explain what kind of species that is!

2 thoughts on “Rapefugees & Real Crime”

  1. Leftopaths prefer to “feel” (not think) there are no real crimes nor criminals because we’re all really ever only equally helpless “fellow victims” of unknown and unknowable (yet also strangely assessed as “inevitable”) forces beyond our comprehension and control, so the only real crime is to “hatefully” accuse an equally helpless fellow victim of being a “criminal” just for committing “crimes” (you know, by choosing to attack thereby innocent other people first) as if there was no real difference between that sort of “victim” and those whom they choose to victimize!

    And who “thinks” this way? Only excuse-making criminals! And the usual excuse is gang-might-made rights.

    Ditto for islam, with the unknown and unknowable idol “allah” as the main inevitable-force crime excuse.

  2. “Hate speech” is a projection of their own motivations used by leftopaths to virtue-signal and tar their opponents as being motivated by “negative emotions” (as if being naturally angry with criminals for their crimes was somehow and unacceptable position to hold, because of course to such excuse-making criminal psychopaths, there are no real crimes nor criminals because, since “we (i.e: you) all do it, too” we are all in stead really ever only equally helpless, fellow victims). Criminals use their own emotions as mysterious, unknown and unknowable inevitable-force “reasons” for “having to” commit their crimes. But people’s feelings are not morals; they are not justifications for one’s actions. They aren’t even reasons – they are effects, not causes. They are only lying excuses for one’s chosen hypocrisy: whatever truth one doesn’t like to hear about one’s self or chosen gang or group identity is “hateful” while one’s own similar angry criticism of others for speaking such a negative truth is “justified.”

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