Islamprop vs Idiocy

Bollards being installed in Londonistan to thwart attempts by muslims to express their muslimness by blowing people to smithereens or mowing them down with vehicles] London’s Bollards of Peace

Shameless Islamoprop in the Daily Mail WV

The prophet of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), was a shining exemplar of tolerance and good will.

He wasn’t. He killed & enslaved everyone who wouldn’t convert.

….the Day of Ashura (the day that the Israelites were freed from Egypt) was considered a day of celebration by the Jews on which they fasted.

Ashura is a form of collective insanity practised by shiite Moslems by which men beat themselves bloody with all kinds of devices. It has nothing to do with the Israelites being freed from Egypt.

UK Home Secretary draws distinction between “those who practise Islam and those who you might describe as Islamists”

That’s not a distinction I would make.

“Sajid Javid defends deportation of grooming gang members,” by Matthew Weaver, Guardian

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid defends deportation of members of Muslim rape gangs

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, has defended the potential deportation of convicted grooming gang members to Pakistan even if it risks them reoffending.

“It’s time to stop discussing racism and Islamophobia and time to start discussing the rape of Britain’s children”

I’d say that’s long overdue.

I read the Jay Report last year and I cried. I cried knowing that what was happening all those years ago in Rotherham was still happening today not just in Rotherham but in Rochdale, Oxford, Newcastle, Telford – the list of towns and cities keeps on growing, the number of victims keeps on increasing yet the help that was promised for this national threat is nowhere to be seen.

I wanted to make sure this country feels the full impact of what it has covered up and what it is still covering up. And that is the rape and trafficking of children by Muslim rape gangs.

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  1. Is the UK Home Secretary’s distinction between “those who practise Islam and those who you might describe as Islamists” same as Daniel Pipes?

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