Gaia worship, Islamofauxbia & ISIL B*tches

Vatican Denounces Worldwide ‘Wave of Xenophobia’

Citing United Nations general secretary António Guterres, the Vatican paper said that human rights are “losing ground all over the world.”

Xenophobia and racism are a “growing plague that has poisoned the debate over crucial challenges such as immigration,” Guterres said, adding that certain political parties and leaders are “cutting and pasting ideas from the fringes of society for their own electoral propaganda.”

Pope Francis has been a vocal proponent of immigration, repeatedly suggesting that resistance to mass migration can only be motivated by xenophobia, racism, and populism and that (civilised) nations should adopt a more welcoming stance toward them.  (be overrun by unassimilable savages)

Christianity out, Gaia worship  in:

Pope Francis has chosen an ecological theme for his annual Lenten message, depicting the Christian call to spiritual conversion against the backdrop of the environment.

The pontiff said that the earth “is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth” as “once beautiful landscapes are now covered with rubbish.”

Too much truth for al BeBeeCeera:

Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram

Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram

Facebook deleted Tommy Robinson’s private profile, public page and Instagramaccount this afternoon.

The social media giant accused the English Defence League founder of encouraging violence against Muslims online.

Mr Robinson, 36, has hit back claiming that the ban is due to a film he made accusing mainstream media of demonising him and slammed the move as ‘censorship’.  

Keep. Them. Out!

It’s been endlessly frustrating to see the  fake news complex profile women with multiple children who left Western countries to wage Jihad in Syria as sympathetic figures who were ‘brainwashed’ into it.

As many as 100 “British” babies may have been born to ISIS brides in Syria during the recent jihad. The babies are awaiting repatriation to the UK with their mothers, who have British citizenship.

In other news, the center-right candidate supported by the Lega and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini won yesterday’s regional election in Sardinia.

Argentina’s Chief Rabbi Assaulted, Tied up in His Home

Hezbollah has agents in South America.

Anti-Semitic attacks are skyrocketing worldwide, while the “human rights community” wrings its hands over islamofauxbia. Jews across the world are under violent attack as Islamic Jew-hatred is normed under the guise of “palestinianism.” Jew-haters of all stripes are free to come out of the post-Holocaust closet, and they are — in spades. This is the handiwork of the left. All over the world, the left has normed Jew-hatred in its relentless hatred of Israel. Leftists routinely claim that they aren’t antisemitic, only anti-Zionist, but the two aren’t really separable.

Swiss Soldier Convicted for Fighting with Christians Against Islamic State

This is disgraceful. Fight against I.S. you end up in court.
Fight FOR them and you are allowed back and given a “second chance”.

Europe, what the hell is going on????

Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch, Ignatius Aphrem II, holds mass at the heavily damaged Syriac Orthodox church of St. Mary in Syria's eastern city of Deir Ezzor on February 3, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / Ayham al-Mohammad (Photo credit should read AYHAM AL-MOHAMMAD/AFP/Getty Images)


A former sergeant in the Swiss army has been convicted by a military court for fighting Islamic State alongside a Christian militia in Syria.

Johan Cosar, 37, was handed a 90-day suspended fine by the Bellinzona Military Tribunal after being found guilty of damaging Switzerland’s defensive abilities by going overseas to fight, Radio Télévision Suisse reports.

The ex-sergeant was accused of serving in the Syriac Military Council, a Christian militia, from 2013 to 2015 and is believed to have also recruited Syrians while a member of the group; he was not found guilty of recruiting fighters in Switzerland.

Questions, Questions:

What’s crazier–the belief that anyone who acts out jihadi-style must be in the grip of a mental illness, or the Western refusal to understand the precepts of jihad embedded in Islam’s holy texts that give rise to (and that validate) the “nutty” behavior?

Update: Equally bonkers–those who challenge the jihad imperative, thereby failing to uphold Canada’s “diversity-is-our-strength” bollocks, can be branded “anti-Muslim.”

Update: Do you know which media outlet most definitely isn’t “anti-Muslim” (but which does have a distinctly anti-Zionist vibe)? No surprise, it’s the New York Times.  (Scaramouche)

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  1. Re: “What the hell is going on?!”

    Politics is pity. The pity party (liberals) usually wins because people instinctively see government correctly – as the largest collectively-owned insurance company – which only exists to pay out to victims. But when using emotions, one gets into a trance-like state where all objectively dynamic causes and effects are ignored in favor of static images – so the temporary situational circumstances of diversely unequal individual victims becomes a permanent image of “Victim groups” in general, and it tends to stay that way simply because politicians have no incentive (“There’s No Money In Solutions”) to change it. So, being angry at (“hateful” towards) criminals is now the most vile sin, while pitying (“tolerating”) them all as “fellow victims,” is to be deemed the highest moral virtue, these days! “Anyone who doesn’t automatically pity all criminals as fellow victims should be hated!” Thus, hurting criminals’ feelings by accusing them of their crimes, is now a “hateful” crime in itself!

    But in reality, they all CHOSE to leave civilized lands to go forth and deliberately, intentionally (mens-rea) commit MURDER – and against fellow muslims, even!

    As self-determined murderous criminals, there is no way any of them should now be let back into civilized lands which obey the rule of law – because rights (to citizenship) can only come with corollary, concomitant responsibilities – by accepting the duty to obey that very same, Golden Rule of Law which most simply defines all morality as Do Not Attack First – a law which, by their own chosen actions, they have obviously breached, reneged on, and abdicated their responsibility to uphold by joining the very most attack-first-prone gang of criminals on the planet today.

    And, as for their jihadi “ISIS Brides” – it really doesn’t matter if they were, as devalued women, “merely” aiding, abetting, and enabling the main criminals, as willing accessories to their crimes, by offering them support services, either.

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