Allahu akbar stabbings, rats in the house & imminent blowback against censorship

Are you Feeling enriched yet UK?

UK Children are now being given Lessons on How to Treat Stab Wounds

Khan is spending £1.7M taxpayer dollars policing speech online & officers are taught about “Islamophobia” from radicals

Meanwhile, knife crimes up 31.3%

Muselman arrested for trying to stab police and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Barcelona 

Just another ‘nothing-to-do-with-Islam’ event.

The Truth About the ISIS Bride

The same leftist Twitter mobs who habitually destroy people’s lives for the most irrelevant minutia… Suddenly come over all sympathetic and protective when it comes to literal ISIS terrorists.

Facebook’s Purge of British Right Wingers Followed Political Pressure

Report: 15 Million Americans Have Abandoned Facebook Since 2017

Facebook Exodus…

Zuckerschmuck getting some blowback:

Florida Lawmaker Introduces ‘Stop Social Media Censorship Act’ to Protect Free Speech Online

Florida bill SB 1722 would fine giant social media sites for censoring protected religious and political speech.

Florida State Senator introduces bill to fine social media websites if they delete or censor a user’s religious or political speech. This is what Trump’s executive order should have looked like. Every state should mirror this effort.

Note that “conspiracy theories” which must be censored include criticism of George Soros.

ADL CEO and former Obama special advisor admits his organization is working with Silicon Valley tech giants on creating algorithms to censor opinion they don’t like (“conspiracy theories”).

In other news:

The Dems marginalize Fox News, while CPAC hands out media credentials to SPLC proxies and SJW saboteurs masquerading as journalists.

Rats in the House

Rashida Tlaib Suggests Islamophobia Behind Steve Scalise’s Call to Remove Ilhan Omar

Tlaib Suggests “Islamophobia” Behind Scalise’s Call to Punish Omar

Pelousi is a full blown degenerate

Pelosi: Omar isn’t anti-Semitic, she didn’t understand the “full weight of the words” she used

She didn’t understand? Is she a child? This is a manifestation of the Left’s unconscious paternalism, its assumption that some groups simply cannot be held to the same standards to which others are held. The full retreat of Pelosi and the Democrat leadership, and failure to rebuke Omar, is part of the ongoing normalization and mainstreaming of Omar’s antisemitism.

The Democratic Party Has Normalized Anti-Semitism

Yes, Ilhan Omar is a problem. The fact that Democrats refuse to condemn her rhetoric is a disaster.

Trump: Democrats ‘Shameful’ for Weak Condemnation of Antisemitism

Experts to Lawmakers: U.S. Policy in Yemen ‘Failed,’ Al-Qaeda ‘Positioned to Resurge’

Experts to Lawmakers: U.S. Policy in Yemen ‘Failed,’ Al-Qaeda ‘Positioned to Resurge’