Fraser Anning: “today is not an excuse to forget the countless lives lost to Islamic terrorist attacks”

Jacinda, you suck!

New Zealand‘s Prime Minister: “My strongest possible condemnation of the ideology of the people who did this”.

Very well. But she’s never said that that following an ISLAMIC terror attack. All ideologies that incite terror must be condemned, not just… which is the ideology of the shooter again?  Ah, I forgot: we’re not supposed to know!

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern meets with some of the muslim community at the Hagley College after the Masjid Al Noor Mosque terror attack.

Helen Pitt, a scribbler for the Sydney Moonbat Herald, fawns over the clueless Jacinda Ardern, who can’t pander enough to the Muselmaniacs….  Read it and weep.

Fraser Anning links mosque massacre to ‘growing fears of Muslim presence’

He’s the only one who gets it and keeps his cool.

“The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program that allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.

“Today’s shootings in Christchurch highlight the growing fears within our community both in Australia and New Zealand over the increasing Muslim presence.”

Mr Anning, who has previously called for a “final solution” to immigration – language echoing that of Nazi Germany – added “today is not an excuse to forget the countless lives lost to Islamic terrorist attacks”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the government will censure Queensland senator Fraser Anning over his comments about the mosque shootings in New Zealand.

Pathetic. Australians have to get rid of these virtue signaling dolts.

Fraser Anning Egged Over Christchurch Mosque Shooting
Why was the Sydney Moonbat Herald so quick to erase the image of the attacker?

A protestor has cracked an egg on Fraser Anning’s head at a Melbourne meeting, following the Senator’s controversial comments in the wake of the Christchurch shooting. (Details here)

New Zealand murders: repercussions and perspective

Hamas-linked CAIR exploits New Zealand massacre to try to shut down opposition to jihad terror

The savage and heinous terrorist attacks on the mosques in New Zealand are being and will be used to try to silence all criticism of jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women and others. The effort to stamp out such criticism is longstanding, and has gained new impetus now, although few stop to think about the fact that there is a big difference between non-violent analysis of a source of violence and oppression and vigilante violence against innocent people. The silencing will proceed apace. Here, in the meantime, is some perspective.

“New Zealand Attacks: Repercussions and Perspective,” by Srdja Trifkovic, Chronicles, March 15, 2019

Some Hollywood liberals shitz reacted to Thursday’s mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, by blaming President Donald Trump.

A shooter killed dozens of people in a New Zealand mosque and left behind a manifesto that endorsed a variety of causes on both sides of the political aisle.

But what is even more interesting that no one reported a story about a Christians that were murdered by radical Muslims!

Radical Devout Muslims murdered more than 30 Christians in Nigeria last week. This is just the latest account of systematic Islamic violence towards Christ-followers in that country.

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  1. Well !!!
    Hasn’t this been interesting !!!

    The on public record list of Traitors has again been verified and updated !!!
    (“Incarceration” for Australasia’s treasonous “authorities” and politicians academics judiciary … and their masters) !!!

    You Will Be Completely Stopped … and incarcerated !!!
    Your “Successes” Will Be Completely Removed !!!

    ∙ and then you islamophile & treasonous lot turn around an assault an islamophile & treasonous aware Fraser Anning for speaking the truth about you … this is a continuation of absolutely unacceptable behavior !!!
    ∙ and now you islamophile & treasonous lot want to make it that only islam-infecteds can own guns in Australasia !!!

    1. Ohh please! And while we are at it, I want any blatant leftist who uses work as tool for his/her politics removed from the public service, schools, universities, emergency services, armed forces and all lunatic leftist laws repealed and replaced. I see nothing wrong with a leftist who keeps his views at home but I am tired of allowing them to smear every area and profession with their blatant politics.

  2. If you pray, please pray for the good people of Christchurch. Things are about to kick off..Already yesterday , there was another armed offenders call out..You won’t read about it anywhere..
    Feeling very sad for our beautiful city and our stoical people. All NZers have been betrayed by the NZ First leader and our drop kick PM..the dizzy bimbo.

  3. That little piece of crap with the egg should be charged with coward punching Mr. Anning. Because that’s what it was. But that won’t happen. He’ll be held in high esteem by all the lefties…

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