Left-fascists begin their book burnings: Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran’

Left-fascists begin their book burnings:

In the last two weeks, Robinson spectacularly embarrassed the BBC by exposing the bias and dishonesty of its reporter John Sweeney. The retaliation has been swift and severe: Robinson has been banned from YouTube and Facebook, and now his book has been withdrawn from sale.

 European judges rule that UK airport cops breached rights of al-Qaeda chief’s wife, taxpayers must pay her $28,000

Our sworn enemies must  not be angered, no matter what the cost:

How did they breach her rights? By stopping her for questioning. In that case, my rights have been breached in several airports, but no one is giving me a big payout. This is the same court that ruled that criticism of Muhammad is not subject to free speech protection.

“Al Qaeda chief’s wife, 49, wins human rights battle after claiming UK airport police breached her privacy by stopping her for questioning (and taxpayers will now foot her legal bills),” by David Churchill, Daily Mail, March 4, 2019:

The wife of an Al Qaeda chief had her human rights breached by UK airport police, European judges have ruled.

ISIS bride who wants to return to US when she’s asked about her tweet urging Muslims to slaughter Americans

The establishment media and Hamas-linked CAIR really want this jihadi back in the U.S., but there isn’t any real evidence that she has had any kind of change of heart.

Embedded videoVideo: The treasonous ISIS bride has been such a sympathetic figure in the liberal media, but there’s one clip that needs to be shown more – When NBC’s Richard Engel asked her about a tweet calling on people to carry out terror attacks on Memorial or Veterans Day, she goes silent

ISIS Bride Who Wants To Return To U.S. Is Asked About Her Tweet Urging People To Slaughter Americans,” by James Barrett, Daily Wire, March 5, 2019:(thanks to JW)

2 thoughts on “Left-fascists begin their book burnings: Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran’”

  1. Don’t these Leftoid islamophile marxist/socialist yet realise …
    ∙ They (Traitors) are legally liable for all the crimes they have knowingly committed against their own civilisation !!!
    ∙ They (Traitors) are legally liable for all costs to rectify the problems they have knowingly caused within their own civilisation !!!
    ∙ After they (Traitors) have been Incarcerated for Treason – they forfeit all their worldly possession as recompense for their crimes and will never hold citizenship in any civilised country again !!!
    ∙ If they survive their Incarceration for Treason they must join the exterminated invader islams and diversifier criminal African tribals who they so fondly aided and abetted in their invasion and diversification (white genocide) of what had been their own civilisations !!!

  2. The wife of an Al Qaeda chief had her human rights breached by UK airport police, European judges have ruled.” [sic]

    This was based on the incorrect supposition that “the wife” (also guilty by association) is human … and “an Al Qaeda chief” certainly isn’t human !!!

    An Al Qaeda chief” and “his wife” can never be human … they are Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful Vicious islams … period … even if they (even genuinely) became apostates NOW they are STILL guilty of their islam crimes!!!

    … and the ruling European judges have AGAIN committed Treason/Subversion/Sedition against their own civilisation !!!

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