Mormons & Morons

Jacinda Ardern was raised Mormon.

She left the church over conflicting views on things like GAY MARRIAGE and is now agnostic.

Think she knows what Mohammedans do with homosexuals?

Romney, Flake, McMuffin, Glenn Beck, Mia Love, etc are all Mormon and anti-Trump. What is up with that clique? They all seem to love open borders (more converts for them, or so they think) and they are bleeding hearts to the fullest. Weird group.

Paki “Lawmakers” Denounce ‘Un-Islamic’ Women’s Marches

The Associated Press

One thought on “Mormons & Morons”

  1. “Populist” but somehow no Wilders?!

    Looks like nothing more than the usual fake, bankster-subsidized “controlled opposition” bullshit to me.

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