Mortal Sins & Acts of Love

Popish excretions:

Pope Francis: Exploiting Workers Is a ‘Mortal Sin’

It’s not as if the Catholic church never exploited anyone. This guy is clearly off his rockers.

Pope Francis railed against unjust employers Friday, saying it is hypocritical to go to church on Sunday and then exploit one’s workers.

“Many Christians, even Catholics, who say they are practicing Catholics exploit people! They exploit their workers!” the pope said during his daily homily at Mass in the Casa Santa Marta Friday.

Must’a been an act of love then:

Milan Police: Train Stabbing by Libyan Migrant ‘Not Terrorism’…

Suicide bombers dead, church still standing:

Suicide Bomb Attempt on Church Leaves Only the Bombers Dead…

Two female suicide bombers carried out the attacks. The female bombers had planned to launch the attacks on churchgoers but the bomb detonated prematurely killing the female bombers.

It’s always the Jews:

Philadelphia Imam: ‘The Jews are the Vilest People’…

US Mosque “Known for Interfaith Dialogue” Hosted Hate Speech…

“Swedish ‘Islamophobia Expert’, LOL!
Swedish ‘Islamophobia Expert’ Turned ISIS Fighter Arrested
What is stalling the fight against IS in east Syria?

Swedish-Norwegian “Islamophobia” expert turned Islamic State jihadist Michael Skråmos has been arrested by Kurdish forces in Syria, with sources claiming Norway wants to prosecute the extremist.

Londonistan:  Police Change Their Story on Arrest of Christian Street Preacher

The Met Police have changed their narrative on the arrest of a Christian street preacher last month after an investigation was launched into their conduct.

While police originally claimed they had walked the preacher some 200 meters away and then let him go, they now admit that they drove him away in a car, dropping him off several miles away.

They probably just wanted to “protect” him from the Mohammedans…

What took them so long?
First Ever UK Woman Convicted of FGM Jailed For 11 Years