A Maggot to rule over you?

Yassmin Abdel-Magott unleashes on Senator Fraser Anning over immigration

“You’re living in Australia, a nation that was stolen from the Indigenous people who happen to be blakkkkkk, ya know? So the foundation of your arguments are rubbish,” she wrote.

Nothing was stolen and we have the treaties to prove it. Besides, you cannot steal from a people who have no concept of ownership.

“Also, who are your people and what is your way of life and why do you have the right to defend it?”

Our way of life and the luxuries that come with it is what ingrates like Abdel Magott enjoy and seek to destroy. Out with this trash!

Australian activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied has hit out at Queensland Senator Fraser Anning, calling his latest comments about immigration “prejudiced” and “discriminatory”.

The twat is snot ‘Australian’ . She’s an Islamo-agitprop.

Anning, who was censured by parliament last week for comments linking the Christchurch terror attacks to Muslim immigration, tweeted on Friday that Europeans are “at danger of becoming a minority in their own countries” and “have a right” to defend their way of life.

Terror experts claim Australia will be SAFER if we take home 30 ISIS brides and their families left stranded in Syria
  • Dr Greg Barton has argued Australia should allow the brides and their families in 
  • The terror and security expert said it would reduce the spread of radicalisation 
  • Another expert warned letting them in would radicalise the next generation

I really wonder how Barton got his ‘doctor’ title. What makes this guy call himself a “terror expert?”

Dr Clarke Jones, who works in youth intervention programs with Muslims, said the children stranded in camps are less likely to be radicalised if they came to Australia.

The Australian National University psychology researcher said the decision to let them in would show the Australian Muslim community the country was compassionate.

These people are insane.

No sign of intelligent life in Melbournistan

I tell you what. They’re pretty well funded activists. #Greens #GetUp#Labor

Get Up means Soros.

Vegan protesters degenerates charged after Melbourne’s CBD brought to a standstill during peak hour

Animal rights activists have launched protests across the country, with a group of up to 100 people halting traffic at Melbourne’s busiest intersection during peak hour.

“We want people to go vegan, we want people to stop supporting animal abuse,” Ms Leigh said.

“I need an ambulance, I’ve accidentally killed my wife”

Jihadi Mohammed Anhar Ali lied on 911 call after murdering his (ex) wife as her daughters slept upstairs Victim’s mom: ‘I listen to my grandchildren hold each other & cry for their mother every day” 



2 thoughts on “A Maggot to rule over you?”

  1. Oh, so: “If most of the members of a global crime-gang happen to be black, we have to allow their crimes against everyone (black and white and Asian etc) because racism and diversity!”

    That’s his argument.

    Well, islam isn’t a race – according to its own most official rules, it’s a (mostly*) equal opportunity global crime-gang, with membership afforded to all breeds of humans.

    *In reality, though, it’s actually so racist in favour of whites and prejudiced against blacks, that the KKK might consider becoming members:


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