One thought on “You will be assimilated”

  1. The Near Perfect Man (Senator Fraser Anning)…
    ✔ I’m calling for a ban on all Muslim and black African immigration.
    ✔ I’m also calling for deportations of all migrant criminals along with their families.
    ✔ I think it’s important we put the safety of our nation and it’s citizens first.
    ✔ Time to end endless crime and welfare.

    Just a coupla little more details required …
    and We Have the Near Perfect Man (Senator Fraser Anning) …
    ∙ Purge the islam-adoring Treasonous “Authorities” !!!!
    ∙ Purge the islam-infected invaders !!!
    ∙ Purge the criminal African tribal diversifiers … imported to kill whitey !!

    Now … That’s Perfect !!!
    However ACTION is Required
    … Understanding any reality is Worthless Unless Acted Upon !

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