Ireland submits; China fighting Sinophobia…

Ireland allows Muslim police officers to wear hijab

The Irish seem to have a death wish.

Ireland will receive an extra MILLION people before 2040 & that’s not going to come from [the] indigenous population.

Irish Government even ‘Paid the Press’ to promote their plan to grow population by 1 Million with “Refugees”.

Islamic dress code should be accommodated in schools

Irish Muslim Board call for Islamic dress codes by allowing girls to wear full-length skirts,long-sleeved shirts & headscarves- while at the same time requesting for clothes w crucifixes to be made ‘optional’ in interests of creating ‘greater inclusivity’

A Muslim campaign group says school uniforms should accommodate Islamic dress codes by allowing girls to wear full-length skirts, long-sleeved shirts and headscarves.

The Irish Muslim Board has also called for school uniforms which have crucifix symbols or images of saints to be made optional in the interests of creating greater inclusivity.

UK ‘Islamophobia’ Adviser Linked to Hardcore Headbanger Who Called for Asia Bibi Hanging

Reports that Asia Bibi is still being held in a “secure location” in Pakistan are unconfirmed and her current whereabouts remain unknown.

A Muslim cleric appointed to advise the Government about (an imaginary mental condition) “Islamophobia” has previous links to an Islamic hardliner who called for a woman to be hanged for blasphemy.

Islamophobia adviser Imam Qari Asim had previously defended the extremist preacher, Khadim Rizvi, who was responsible for calling for Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian, to be executed for blasphemy against Islam, the Mail on Sunday reports.

CAGE  described Islamic State beheader “Jihadi John” as “extremely gentle” and “beautiful”
Democrats vow to make Trump’s tax returns public

I’m much more interested  to see the tax returns of every politician who became a multi millionaire on a public servant’s salary.

Iran Labels U.S. Military ‘Terrorist’ Group After Trump Administration Blacklists Iran Revolutionary Guards

Iran’s leading security apparatus on Monday designated the U.S. military a “terrorist organization” in response to the Trump administration’s decision to label the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a foreign terror organization.

“Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has labeled American military forces as a terrorist organization,” Iran’s state-run television reported, according to Reuters.


Iran Warns ‘Idiotic’ U.S. it Will ‘Retaliate’ if Republican Guards Designated as Terrorists

Benjamin Nethanyahu:

Thank you, President for your decision to designate the Islamic revolutionary guards as a terrorist organization. Once again you are keeping the world safe from Iran aggression and terrorism.

Hussein Obama delivered an almost 90-minute speech over the weekend. He referenced himself 392 times.

Obama delivered the almost 90-minute speech, including a question-and-answer session for his foundation. The speech was targeted at “emerging leaders.”

Pope Blames Europe, U.S.A. for Death of Children in Yemen and Syria

Always the virtue signaling dolt…

State Media: Internment Camps Creating a Branch of Islam ‘Fitting Chinese Culture’

China State Media: Internment Camps Creating a Branch of Islam ‘Fitting Chinese Culture’

Well, at least they’re trying to tackle the problem. This is clearly the way to deal with Sinophobia.

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper asserted in an editorial Sunday that Islam must accept a branch of the faith “fitting Chinese culture,” adding the detention of an estimated hundreds of thousands of Muslims in what some have called “concentration camps” is necessary to establish such a branch.

Reports have circulated since early 2018 that Chinese officials had constructed sprawling “re-education” camps to imprison ethnic Uighur, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and other Muslim-majority minority members – as well as some Christians and political dissidents – and force them to abandon their faith, learn Mandarin and no longer speak their native languages, and memorize Communist Party songs praising leader Xi Jinping. The camps are believed to be primarily located in China’s westernmost and largest province, Xinjiang, which borders Afghanistan.

Failure to comply with these demands, according to camp survivors, could lead to officials denying prisoners food or subjecting them to electroshock, beatings, and other torture.

The Chinese Anti-Muslim policy is both Moral and Correct.

If you are a Moral person, and care about Human life, You Should Support the Repression of the Uighur Muslims, and Opposition to Islam in general.

Muslims of all stripes and all sects are, have been, and always will be a danger a menace to Kafirs (non-Muslims) and other Muslims alike.

The Chinese government is fully within it’s rights to repress the practice and spread of this evil false religion of Islam, and to hold Muslims accountable for their part in perpetuating this murder cult. By prohibiting the practice of Islam, the Chinese Government is protecting Chinese citizens, both Kafir and Muslim, from the real, authentic teachings of Islam, which are: To Murder and rape Kafirs until the whole world becomes Muslim.

Islam teaches Muslims that they are not only permitted to murder, rape, lie, steal and oppress for the sake of Allah, it Commands them to do so.

Islam cannot be made peaceful, and no once, not the Chinese, nor the West, nor any other groups is obliged to attempt to salvage Islam. Islam is Evil and should be abandoned and repressed across the board.

The Chinese Policy of coercing Uighur Muslims into apostatizing will permit these people to rejoin society, and live productive lives, free from the influence of the false prophet, Muhammad, who commands his followers to commit murder, treason, and mass rape. The Muslims are being destroyed by Islam, and the Chinese policy of coercion and repression will be better for them, than following the dictates of the Shariah, and the Sunnah of Muhammad, that cursed pedophile who burns in hell forever.

Muslims, as carriers of Islam, have declared war on Non-Muslims, and we must defeat them. Muslims are the enemies of All other people on earth, and deserve to be abolished and forgotten.

Long Live the Chinese Anti-Islam Policy.


2 thoughts on “Ireland submits; China fighting Sinophobia…”

  1. Well the Republican Irish did side with Hitler in WW2 so why would anything change.

  2. After all those centuries of trying to resist being assimilated into British “culture,” the perpetually autistic Irish Submit to the Arabs.

    And as I said elsewhere earlier today:

    Apart from the drinking, it’s a perfect fit!

    Allah’s official colour is green, (because allah envies grass, and has none) and his followers imitate Moe, who put red henna in his beard – which is why so many mad jihadis look like leprechauns anyway! And they both seem to love Nazis and hate Jews, too.

    But as for ” the group says Muslim children can feel alienated at school, particularly in activities that revolve around Christmas such as nativity plays and carol services” – well, what’d they expect? That’s what happens when you go to live in a foreign country, dolts!

    But – despite the fact that, contrary to their own rabidly exclusionary practices back home – they’re actually allowed into the infidels’ buildings and invited to participate in such religious-theemed events (no infidels are allowed in sacred mosques nor to participate in muslim holidays back home) muslims want to change how the infidels worship in their own lands, not to merely ignore or adapt to their ways.

    The hypocritical Cunts. And masochistic paranoid slanderous leftists will always want to accommodate them while virtue-signalling how multi-cultural (dog-whistle for non-racist) they are by putting down their own culture while elevating islam.

    Like I said: It’s a perfect fit!

    “The Chinese Anti-Muslim policy is both Moral and Correct.”


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