“Islamophobia is more effective today because Muslims are weak…”

Mohammedan grievance theatre on crack:

Ahmed Bedier said that Islamophobia is “more than just racism”.

“It is a deliberate network with deep political roots,” he said.

“Islamophobia is more effective today because Muslims are weak; [in past] there was counterbalance because there were Muslim states,” Bedier added.

Trump Tweet Endangers Rep. Ilhan Omar (CAIRtv)

Fox News Interviews CAIR-FL Director Hassan Shibly After Trump Tweet Endangers Rep. Omar (CAIRtv)

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“Far-Right”  sentiments are a plague on society

On Wednesday, it was announced that the government rightly sacked its housing advisor, Roger Scruton, for denying that Islamophobia existed and making antisemitic statements. Clearly, we have some work to do when it comes to convincing public figures and the right-wing masses that far-right sentiments like these are a plague on society.

Pelousi is worried about the safety of one of her own members following a statement by the president of the United States

Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday that the U.S. Capitol Police and the House sergeant-at-arms “are conducting a security assessment to safeguard Congresswoman [Ilhan] Omar, her family and her staff” after a tweet by President Donald Trump.

Republicans, the enemies of Ilhan Omar

Not standing  against  attacks on Ilhan Omar is not standing up for your country:

The Republican Party has been all too willing to leverage Islamophobia, with the recent midterm election featuring some of the most hate-filled campaigns this country has ever seen. Fear of Muslims, it seems, is the glue that helps bind many of the party’s supporters.

Marxist Moslem Waleed Shahid pushes a conspiracy theory that the criticisms of Ilhan Omar are part of a conspiracy theory designed to “defame and destroy” her “character” in order to prevent billionaires from being taxed and to prevent people from getting healthcare.

Who are the liars?

Ilhan Omar is a genuine & honest person. She is telling us exactly what she believes because she is in a position of power. She makes it clear that she is against the US and its values; and pro Sharia, terrorist CAIR & Co. Those making excuses for her: Pelosi & AOC are the liars.


“We don’t want America’s first Muslim congresswoman to blow up”



Rep. Omar asked Judge Davis for “compassion” and a “restorative approach to justice,”

That’s when Ilhan Omar advocated leniency and compassion for Mohammedans convicted of trying to join ISIS….

thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

3 thoughts on ““Islamophobia is more effective today because Muslims are weak…””

  1. But by seeing that people of New Zealand came together and stood in solidarity (with victims) gives us hope as human beings in a world where there is increasing discrimination, increasing xenophobia and increasing Islamophobia which are linked together [against islam-infecteds],” Kan said. … [sic] !!!

    No !!!
    The “People of New Zealand” didn’t !!!
    (reallity differs HUGELY from what islamophiles report) !!!

    Purge the islam-adoring “Authorities” !!!
    Purge the islam-infected invaders !!!
    Purge the criminal African tribal diversifiers !!!

  2. We don’t want America’s first Muslim islam congresswomanislam-female to blow up” … [sic]

    Umm … An Assumption !!!

    Why on this earthly plane are
    ∙ islam-adorers
    ∙ islam-infecteds and
    ∙ African tribal diversifiers
    STILL islam-adoring islam-infected (and infecting) and killing whitey !!!

  3. Pelosi might profess concern for the safety of Muslims living in America, but at least Muslims in America enjoy a level of safety and security that Christians in Muslim governed countries around the world can only dream about.

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