Mark Steyn: “Is it a hole in the soul or is it just a missing building burnt to the ground?”

Arson, terrorism ruled out for now in Notre Dame fire, Paris prosecutors’ office says

They have absolutely no interest to investigate this and to bring the arsonists to trial.

The Paris prosecutors’ office says investigators are treating the blaze that destroyed part of Notre Dame as an accident for now.

“An Accident” just like Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan and the hundreds of attacks on churches recently.

A South Carolina church had three of its 125-year-old windows broken and was vandalized with Islamic graffiti that read, “submit to God thru Islam”.

The French government has no interest to bring the arsonist(s) to justice. Remember the Bataclan!

The singer of the Rock Group the Angels of Dead Metal, Hughes, was declared persona non grata after he told us how Mohammedan bouncers locked people up inside.

Notre Dame is going to go down the memory hole.

Unless something leaks, nothing will be explained.

Nearly 900 churches in France burned or vandalized. Multiple ISIS and other terror group threats against .

Mark Steyn with a great question: “When Monsieur Macron says ‘We are going to rebuild it.’ Rebuild it for what? When people talk about ‘oh the heart of France has died,’ what is in the soul of France? What is this? Is it just a building or is it something more?”

In France, 2 churches are desecrated every day on avg. “1,063 attacks on Christian churches or symbols (crucifixes, icons, statues) were registered in France in 2018. This is a 17% increase compared to the previous year” 

Is this Muselmaniac doing something “untoward?”

Famous French Journalist Slams Pope, Elites & Macron for Notre Dame Fire! “2018 we had 1063 anti-Christian acts – 2 churches were vandalized PER DAY!”


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  1. That’s definitely a soldier of Allah openly patrolling the Notre Dame cathedral! Must have been a diversity hire so they could virtue signal how non-racist they are!

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