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Pope Decries ‘Excessive Demands’ for National Sovereignty

Pope Francis urges migrant-skeptic Bulgaria to welcome “refugees”

He’s lying. Mohammedans are not “well-meaning migrants”. They’re not coming for a “safe refuge”. They’re on a mission to occupy your country and make you submit to Islam.

Orthodox Church Snubs Pope Francis on Bulgaria Visit
In a meeting with government officials on Sunday, Pope Francis urged Bulgarians to open their hearts and homes to “well-meaning migrants” and recognize they were fleeing war and poverty “to find new opportunities in life or simply a safe refuge.”  | DW | 
Pope Francis Says That ‘Homosexuality Is No Longer A Sin’

Liberal Pope Francis has told a homosexual man that being gay is fine with God, and that “God made you like this,” suggesting that the far left pontiff has recently been spending more time listening to Lady Gaga than reading the Bible.

Orban: Hungary and Italy Have Proved Illegal Mass Migration Can Be Stopped

Salvini Tops Polls in Italy Ahead of E.U. Election as Orban Alliance Takes Shape

 Stones thrown, clashes in Modena ahead of Salvini visit

Austrians Describe ‘Feeling Like Foreigners’ in Own Country

The French too. And the Germans. The Dutch! The Belgians! They’re all slaving to pay the jiziya already!

Austria “far-right” leader ramps up anti-immigration rhetoric before European elections

The language al Reuters uses to smear elected politicians they don’t like is no different from al Jizzeera.