Victor Orban: “migration must be stopped, not organised”

Salvini: I Want a “Trump-Style Revolution” In Italy

Migrant Sea Deaths Plunge Due to Matteo Salvini’s Closed Ports

Italy: Migrant Deaths Plunge After Salvini Crackdown

Malta Rescues 216 Migrants From 2 Boats in Mediterranean Sea

VALLETTA, Malta — Maltese authorities say they have rescued 216 migrants Mohammedans aboard two dinghies in distress in the Mediterranean Sea near Malta.

The (Mohammedan) migrants were rescued Friday night by the Armed Forces of Malta and are being taken to Malta where they will be examined by doctors and given the chance to seek asylum.

Salvini: ‘Extremists’ Merkel, Macron and Junker betrayed Europe in the name of finance, multinationalism, and mass immigration

Wildly popular with the people, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who has virtually eliminated human (NGO) trafficker boats dumping thousands of illegal Muslim migrant wannabes into Italy, lays the blame for it where it belongs…on the swamp dwellers (establishment elites).

Orbán: “Europe is for Europeans, and needs leaders to defend it”, “migration should be stopped, not organised”

France Hopes to Have 254 Convicted Islamic Terrorists Back on the Streets in Next 3 Years…

Iraq Sentences 3 French ISIS Members To Death

Three French men have been sentenced to death by an Iraqi court after being found guilty of joining the Islamic State (IS) militant group.

(Germany) Statue of Virgin Mary Beheaded…

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