Should white genocide denial be illegal?

“Climate change is the defining issue of our time”

UN climate clown

All societies must be multi-ethnic, multi-cultural & multi-religious nowadays. This must be considered as a richness not a threat. But for diversity to enrich societies, there must be strong political, economic, social & cultural investments in cohesion.

Should white genocide denial be illegal?

SPLC Calls Genocide a Myth

The SPLC wouldn’t be good propagandists if they weren’t also experts in the art of gaslighting.

For decades, the parasites told us that we would become minorities in our own countries, they bragged about it.

Now that we are speaking out against this unholy attempted genocide of our people, the narrative has suddenly changed, now it’s all just a “myth”:

The policy of multiculturalism and mass-migration is genocide by the UN’s own definition, the SPLC are lying and it’s a vicious lie that puts all European peoples at risk.

The SPLC are pro-genocide anti-whites, the worst of Satan worshipers. They spread lies for their own profit and they hate us.

They are the enemy.

The only way to guarantee inclusivity is by limiting the free speech of those with the wrong opinions.

Another  problem is that we have allowed our society to be trashed. The BBC bans the word “terror” but allows jokes about battery acid. Jokes about Christians are OK but jokes about Muslims are hate crimes. Corbyn is the darling of the left. but consorts with Hamas & Hizbollah. Huh?

George Soros pays for anarchy and deconstruction worldwide

Soros is behind a staggering amount of the world’s collapse of meaningful and working organization of human societies.

And for him to call his efforts, “philanthropy” is the most cynical thing since “work will make you free” on the gates of Auschwitz.

And that is no accident.  (Vlad Tepes)

4 thoughts on “Should white genocide denial be illegal?”

  1. He received the Charlemagne Prize this year which is given to the most evil leader for the year. Previous winners Merkel, Macron, etc.

    1. The Kalergi Prize. Acknowledgment for NWO efforts & the advancement of white genocide.

    2. As a fairly direct descendant of Karolus Augustus Magnus, I’m pissed that these evil fucktards chose to besmirch my ancestor’s name like that. Sure, he united Europe under Rome, but he didn’t try to mix and replace any individual nations’ indigenous populations – and neither did any of the Roman emperors before him or after him. And also unlike the muslim fucktards who followed, his “barbarians” didn’t destroy culture, but enhanced it.

  2. Globalism is, by definition, treason to all sovereign nations, and most of “our leaders” are complicit traitors. What was that legal punishment for treason, again?


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