Will the Islamic State make a comeback?

“I signed a contract to sell furniture”.

SWEDISH IKEA FIRING an employee from a job in Poland for quoting the Bible. The employee did not want to take part in promoting LGBT environments Homo Propaganda that the company organized. “I signed a contract to sell furniture”.

Dog whistle

I’m always puzzled when Leftists use the phrase “dog-whistle” to mean “far-Right signals that no one else can pick up”. If no one else can pick the signals up, maybe they don’t exist. To put it another way, if Leftists are the only ones who can hear them, maybe they’re the dogs.

The Islamic State “retained a global finance network,” could soon mount “devastating” comeback

The Islamic State’s global finance network should be targeted and dismantled. Why isn’t that being done?

Let me take a wild guess: because their finances are in Qatar & Soddy Barbaria, where  the U.S. can’t do f*kc all about it.

“ISIS retained a global finance network that funded its transition back to an insurgency and managed to preserve sufficient weapons and other supplies in tunnel systems and other support zones in order to equip its regenerated insurgent force.”…

‘Apolitical’ Google Encourages Staffers to Protest Against Tough Migration Policies

This expose of Google’s full transformation from useful search tool into giant machine of deception for specific and essentially Orwellian purposes brought to you by Project Veritas via Sputnik

Project Veritas, a conservative transparency group, has obtained what it calls an internal document circulated among Google employees, titled ‘Beginner’s Guide to Protesting’.

FakeBook  to help France fight “hateful content” by ratting out people with non-commie views.


UK can’t have a “Greedy Pigs” Cafe’

UK: Muslims shout abuse, send warning letter to owner of Greedy Pigs cafe, demanding its name be changed

The name of the cafe will be changed soon enough. Britain’s new masters demand it, and so it will be done.

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  1. I’m betting that when Google first applied for its charter of incorporation, it stated that it wanted to be a neutral search engine. Since it has morphed into a politically-motivated results-skewing election-rigging gangster utopian bully pulpit, its charter of incorporation should now be revoked for blatant fraud, and its executives tried convicted and jailed for election interference.

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