Are we strangers in our own lands?

Why are Australians being welcomed like strangers to a country they were actually born in?: “Senator Pauline Hanson has slammed ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies at regional airports… Senator Hanson’s criticism… comes days after a member of the audience at a performance at the Sydney Opera House booed the Welcome to Country ceremony.”

Look how the Macron regime unleashes thugs in uniform against revolting Frenchmen who reject being slaves of the NWO. 

The same goons don’t act when a thousand African savages storm and occupy the Pantheon.

One thought on “Are we strangers in our own lands?”

  1. Give them all vests in their favorite colors, gratis. Then hose them all down to wash off the water-soluble, exterior spray coat and Hey Presto! Suddenly, all their free apparel is yellow.

    How could the gendarmes resist?

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