Can’t climb Uluru & the ‘dreamtime’ is a thing

Pauline Hanson slams Uluru climbing ban

Why should a pagan superstition about a big rock be allowed to deny Central Australia jobs + tourists an iconic experience? We must always put civilisational values first: especially economic progress

‘I don’t get it’: Pauline Hanson says Australians SHOULD be able to climb Uluru – and compares the ‘ridiculous’ ban to shutting down Bondi Beach
  • One Nation leader Pauline Hanson calls for Uluru to remain open to climbers 
  • The sacred Indigenous site will close to climbers on October 26, 2019 
  • Senator Hanson said the site provides a boost to local economy 

‘People have been climbing the rock all of these years and now all of a sudden they want to shut it down?,’ Ms Hanson told Deb Knight on Channel Nine’s Today.

‘I really don’t get it. And how are they going to pay back the Australian taxpayer?’ 

The answer is of course never.  

A few facts.

1. Welcome To Country is a recent invention by Ernie Dingo (at an event in 1976 welcoming Maoris – he just made it up.)

2. Climbing Uluru has no ‘cultural interest’, according to Paddy Uluru the eldest custodian of the rock.

3. Aboriginal dot painting was introduced in 1971 to aboriginal kids by Geoffrey Bardon who was assigned as an art teacher in Papunya, near Alice Springs.

It’s all BS.

University bans ‘inappropriate’ scientific data about the arrival of humans in Australia because it is offensive to Aboriginals who believe they have been here ‘forever’

Right. We can’t have science because it could hurt the tender feelings of our protected species. Who needs science anyhow when you got progressive religions like “climate change” & new age gobbledegook?

  • UNSW lecturers told to not teach date Indigenous people arrived in Australia 
  • The language guidelines were sent out staff and approved by a working group 
  • Told more appropriate is that Indigenous Australians here ‘since the Dreaming’ 

Science lecturers at the University of New South Wales have been told to stop telling students that Indigenous people’s arrived in Australia 40,000 years ago.

In a letter sent to staff, the lecturers were told that it is ‘inappropriate’ to teach dates and they should say Aboriginals have been here ‘since the beginning of the Dreamings’ because that is what indigenous people believe.

A set of classroom guidelines were circulated in the science faculty this month which alerted the scientists to the existing language advice, according to The Weekend Australian.

5 thoughts on “Can’t climb Uluru & the ‘dreamtime’ is a thing”

  1. Nobody’s damn history goes back 40,000 years. Even the Chinese, who have the earliest recorded history, start at a mere 9,000 years. North American Injuns’ history is only 2,000. etc!

  2. Did the Abos have a wheel? I don’t think so. The Indians did not have the wheel either. All these glorious civilizations that were decimated by whitey in reality were primitive with little or no written language, no tools beyond the hammer and spear. No leverage concept, no wheel concept. Give me a break.

    1. They know the gravy train keeps rolling with or without the money from the tourists.

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