Ezra Levant reads Tommy’s message after sentencing


sentenced to NINE MONTHS in prison for causing anxiety to Paki Moslem rape gangs. If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!! will be kept in solitary to starve, the rapists prepare the food.

In other news:

Fuck you, Greta

Are Germans coming to their senses?

” German drivers have begun displaying ‘F*** you Greta’ bumper stickers in protest at the world’s most irritating and over-promoted teenage girl. ”

Delingpole: German Drivers Are Displaying ‘F*** You Greta’ Bumper Stickers

Greta Thunberg — with her distinctive pigtails and the thousand-yard stare of a girl who can actually see in the air all that evil “carbon” which is supposedly going to destroy the planet — has been feted across the mainstream media as a kind of latter-day Joan of Arc and even nominated as a candidate for a Nobel Prize.

America’s Professional Victims All 3 hate America

All 3 want to abolish ICE.

All 3 want open borders.

All 3 want to impeach the President

All 3 will call you a racist if you disagree.

Guess what. No one cares. Boohoo.

All I see is a bunch of unhinged dykes:






4 thoughts on “Ezra Levant reads Tommy’s message after sentencing”

  1. Tommy’s appeals for sanctuary for his family to Donald Trump will be completely ignored.

    Even the Queen, who could pardon him without blinking and without losing any popularity for doing so, won’t do jack to save a true British patriot from death by government.

  2. If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!!

    Innit hilarious to see those old 1960s bumper snickers being recycled by the Conservatives? What’s next, “Question authority”? “To live is to take sides”?

    This reminds me very little that the converse might apply as well. Can’t you just picture PoMo Progs driving around in cars tagged with, “Better dead than red (state)!”

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