MCB: “Islam has a role to play in progress and prosperity”

Amazing braggadocio.

Islam never played a role in progress or prosperity.

Iran calls European fleet in the Gulf ‘hostile’ and ‘provocative’

That’s because they believe they own the joint.

UK said it is planning a European-led naval force to escort tankers through the world’s busiest oil shipping lane.

Nigeria: Death toll in Boko Haram funeral attack rises to 65

If you believe this is not gov’t sanctioned then you don’t know how Mohammedans tick.

An Increasingly Dangerous Stand-off between Civilizations

Why would you call Islam a civilisation? There’s nothing civil about it.

Muslim Council of Britain peeved about Boris

‘Utter ignorance’: Boris Johnson claimed Islam set Muslim world ‘centuries behind’

The Muslim Council of Britain hit back at the politician, telling the Guardian, “we of course are of the view that Islam has a role to play in progress and prosperity, be that in the Muslim world or here at our home in the west”. ...  More ‘utter ignorance’ at SBS

Women who do not cover up are “cursed,” “disobedient” and “deviant.”

Women who do not fully cover their bodies and who show “any indication” of their form, are “cursed,” “disobedient” and “deviant.” This includes “any woman who wears perfume in public,” as well as members of the trans community.

“Allah cursed the man who wears women’s clothes and the woman who wears men’s clothes.”

That settles that.

3 thoughts on “MCB: “Islam has a role to play in progress and prosperity””

  1. “Last year he said burqas were “ridiculous” and made women look like letter boxes and bank robbers, prompting an outcry from other politicians and British Muslim groups.” (SBS)

    Why are British Muslim groups complaining when burqas have nothing to do with Islam.

    Like the hijab it is modest clothing, a fashion item.

    After declining to try on a hijab, Kathy Zhu said: “So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?”

    Miss Michigan World America Kathy Zhu lost beauty crown for noting hijab makes women “oppressed under Islam”

    Zhu drew national attention in 2018 for criticizing a Muslim Student Association event that invited students to try on a hijab, a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women.


    – Um, yeah, but the role of perpetual islamic extortion is slavery and theft, and that sort of thing always really only tends to limit the progress and prosperity, it does not in any way enhance it.

    Just sayin’!

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