Migration, infiltration, subversion, conquest

When Trump was elected, thousands of Democrats claimed they would leave the country

Now he’s president and says, “If you don’t like America, you can leave”

And all of a sudden, those same Democrats are outraged.

The president wasn’t attacking the women’s colour or ethnicity. He was attacking their disloyalty to America. Racism is picking on people for who they are; Trump attacked them for what they do.

And what about Ilhan Omar’s bigotry?

Racist prejudice is okay if it comes from a cool Muslim, right?

Dear , I hear you plan to go on a fact-finding tour of Israel. In fact, Israel is doing pretty well. It’s Somalia, your native country, that could truly use your formidable skills. Maybe you could use your frequent flyer miles and swing by.

The woke left claims to hate all forms of prejudice. But there’s one prejudice they never talk about: Muslim anti-Semitism. They actively suppress discussion of it. Anyone who brings it up will be branded an Islamophobe or a fascist, says Brendan O’Neill

Many on the woke left have been making excuses for Ilhan Omar’s anti-Jewish prejudices for a long time. But in the wake of the Trump v Omar controversy, culminating in those creepy chants of ‘Send her back!’ at a Trump rally, they’ve gone a step further. They’re now arguing not only that her prejudicial views aren’t prejudicial at all, but that anyone who claims they are is helping to fuel the ‘far-right’. Yes, if you try to draw attention to Omar’s promotion of anti-Semitic tropes and her feverish, disproportionate obsession with Zionists, you will be denounced as the racist. Taking Orwellian contortionism to new levels, we’re now told it is racist to speak of Omar’s racism.


Ilhan Omar entered the United States illegally, hates it & is working to undermine our borders and laws. Despite the media’s assistance in covering up her record, Americans aren’t stupid. She is diligently working to admit millions more Africans like her.

Trashida: Let’s Take Money from Rich, Give It ‘Back to the People that Earned It’

She’s a real heavy hitter, that one. A Mohammedan Robbing Hood.


Rep. Rashida Tlaib said, “I’m more Palestinian in the halls of Congress than I am anywhere in the world.” Tlaib said her roots to the West Bank are “still very strong,” adding, “I’m going to be a voice for them” in Congress. Why not be a voice for the Americans who elected you?

Defending Islam from the kuffar:

Ilhan Omar:

“What is important is the larger point that I was speaking to, which is about making sure that blame isn’t placed on a whole faith, that we as Muslims are not collectively blamed for the actions of terrorists,” she added.

But every Moslem, according to Muhammad’s  Quran, sira & hadith, must ‘strike terror in the hearts of the disbelievers’, and that is what Ilhan Omar doesn’t want you to know.

Hamas MP Claims Jews Send Their Girls To Palestinian Boys To Give Them AIDS

(And Other Crazy, Antisemitic Stuff)

In other news:
Eight EU countries have “agreed to share the resettlement of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean.”
And Ireland is one of them.

Migrants are picked up by the Aquarius on 9 June 2018
Migrants making the journey often travel in poorly maintained and overcrowded vessels That’s fake news. They are being picked up by smugglers and put in rafts upon arrival.

France says eight EU countries have agreed to share the resettlement of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean – but Italy is not one of them.

President Emmanuel Macron says another six nations backed in principle a Franco-German plan at talks in Paris.

He says he will not agree to releasing EU structural funds to countries that refuse to share the burden.

Italy, who has been at the forefront of the migrant influx in the EU, snubbed the talks.


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  1. Re: “Racism is picking on people for who they are; Trump attacked them for what they do.”

    The left’s advocations for “Diversity!” is an extenstion of their own slanders of “racism:” endorsing “Diversity!” and forcing everyone else to go along, posits that an inherent racism problem already exists where dumb racist whites only hate everyone else simply for their “diverse” skin colours – a bad behaviour which must be corrected for by forcing everyone to rub shoulders in close proximity (but only here, of course, and not back in Africa the Middle East or Asia) against their rights to freely associate (or not!) with those they find compatible, and against their own brains’ pattern recognition capabilities – because after all, the great paternalistic government alone knows what’s best for all you dumb racist peons.

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