In the grip of mass hysteria more usually associated with millennial doomsday cults

‘Crappy Jew Year’: NYTimes Editor’s Antisemitism, Racism Exposed

A senior editor at the NYTimes tweeted:

“One of my resolutions this year is to be less anti-Semitic”

They also had to stop running political cartoons because they couldn’t help being anti-Semitic.

Yet they’ve decided to spend the next 2 years attacking Trump for racism?


Migrants  Mohammedans rescued from Channel: Witness says more than 50 picked up

That’s another Jihad squad of 50 Men. All of fighting age and not one Woman or Child amongst them.

One Quarter of Germans Now Come From Migrant Backgrounds

One Quarter of Germans Now From Migrant Backgrounds

That’s not going to end well. 

Leftist media quoting Kashmiri Muslims wanting “freedom from” India

The Mohammedan concept of ‘freedom’ is to subjugate & to enslave unbelievers & to murder them if they don’t convert. They also firmly believe that no infidel court should prosecute them for their crimes. The Infidel concept of freedom is quite different.

Austria: Afghan migrant arrested for arson attack against Freedom Party (FPÖ)

Austria: Migrants Firebomb Offices of Migration Critics…
People you should never argue with: Feminists who say that the Burka is an “ethnic choice”

There’s a big difference between a burqa & a “traditional dress”

Brainwashed by the New Green Religion

The proportion of people who are “very concerned” about climate change has jumped to a record 52 per cent, up from just 18 per cent five years ago.

What does this tell us about the stupidity of our age?

It tells us – if those figures can be trusted – that parts of the West are now in the grip of the kind of mass hysteria more usually associated with millennial doomsday cults.

What Leftoids believe:

1. The Amazon is burning
2. The Arctic’s on fire
3. The Oceans are boiling
4. The Coral reefs are dying
5. Greenland is melting
6. Permafrost is collapsing
7. Antarctica is heating
8. Ecosystems are crashing
9. Earth is turning to desert
10. Emissions are accelerating

And what’s the cure?

The only way to react positively to this terrifying cataclysm is by joining in solidarity to achieve #ClimateJustice.

“Climate Justice” is Socialism, of course. Redistribution of wealth.

Over half British adults claim to be ‘very concerned’ about climate change.

According to an Ipsos MORI poll conducted for the London Evening Standard, 85 percent are ‘concerned’ and 52 percent ‘very concerned’. And the figures are going up.

According to MSN:

The proportion of people who are “very concerned” about climate change has jumped to a record 52 per cent, up from just 18 per cent five years ago.

More than half of women, 55 per cent, now express such deep alarm, compared with 48 per cent of men.

Nearly three-quarters of Britons believe the country is already feeling the effects of climate change — up from 61 per cent in 2017, 55 per cent in 2014 and 41 per cent in 2010.

What does this tell us about the stupidity of our age?

It tells us – if those figures can be trusted – that parts of the West are now in the grip of the kind of mass hysteria more usually associated with millennial doomsday cults.

Britain has been brainwashed by a weird and sinister green religion. A nation of 63 million supposedly educated, rational people want to don hair shirts, flagellate themselves, despoil their landscape, sacrifice their elderly, reject prosperity, frighten their children and embrace austerity for no better reason than that they’ve been gulled by a handful of false prophets.

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 25: Environmental campaigners from the “Extinction Rebellion” group block the junction at Bank as part of their ongoing actions and protests across the capital on April 25, 2019 in London, England. Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

False Prophets

St Greta of Thunberg, the visionary pigtailed Girl Child who can see “carbon” like the kid in The Sixth Sense can see dead people.

Sir David Attenborough, the whispery voiced, gorilla-hugging, walrus-murdering Malthusian.

and, most scarily, at the extreme wing of the movement,

Gaunt, wild-eyed, and utterly terrifying Roger Hallam – aka Climate Charles Manson – who co-founded Extinction Rebellion.

Hallam – and if you haven’t seen this you should for it gives you an idea what a menace we’re up against – can be seen here on the BBC, intoning with grim sincerity his doomsday guff:

“People are angry. People are in a rage. People don’t want their kids to die.”

No one wants their kids to die, I think we can all agree on that.

But it’s a very, very long stretch indeed to extrapolate from that point of common agreement that therefore we need to deindustrialise our economy, give kids a worse standard of living than their parents, ration travel, put key political decisions in the hands of citizens committees like the ones in the French revolutionary Terror, kill free speech, drive up the cost of energy, ruin the countryside with bird-chomping, bat-slicing eco-crucifixes and cede the global economy to countries that don’t give a damn about this fake-green-hysteria nonsense such as India and China and Brazil and, currently, thank heaven, Trump’s USA.

How, in heaven’s name, did a sensible, down-to-earth people like the British fall for this nonsense?

Signs and Wonders

Religions need evidence to ‘prove’ they are real. For Christians, this took the form of the miracles performed by Jesus or later worked by martyrs and saints. For Greenies, it consists of vaguely plausible nonsense plucked from thin air, embellished and turd-polished by demagogues like the BBC’s house environmental activist Roger Harrabin and made real through constant repetition in the mainstream media.

The fact that more Britons than ever are “very concerned” about climate change represents the triumph of propaganda over evidence. Nothing has happened in the last five years to strengthen the case for catastrophic anthropogenic warming theory. On the contrary, more and more scientists are producing papers expressing scepticism in CAGW – with many of these arguing that solar activity, not the beneficial, planet-greening trace gas CO2, is the primary driver of climate change. The public has been worn down not by “the science” or anything recognisable as a hard fact, but by constant repetition of emotive imagery (emaciated polar bears; calving glaciers; floods; cracked, parched earth; etc) invariably presented wrapped in a false prospectus marked “climate change.”

Let’s just remind ourselves once more:

  1. There is no evidence — beyond repeatedly debunked and falsified computer models — to suggest that recent global warming is catastrophic, unprecedented or significantly man-made.
  2. Even if we could decide what the world’s ideal temperature is, there is no evidence that mankind has access to a knob that can control it — nor one that wouldn’t end up doing more harm than good.
  3. Not a cent of the $1.5 trillion (plus) per annum currently being spent funding the Climate Industrial Complex is having any measurable effect on combating climate change.
  4. Regardless of what we do in the West, India and China are committed to increasing their carbon dioxide emissions rapidly in a way that will dwarf any puny decarbonisation measures adopted unilaterally by Western economies. And those Western economies that do decarbonise won’t include Trump’s U.S. or Bolsonaro’s Brazil, which will make gestures like Britain’s net zero carbon promise even more pointless and self-defeating.

Corrupt, credulous, cynical Establishment

Just like in the old days when the Church was at its most powerful, the Establishment attaches itself to the prevailing religion for a number of reasons, ranging from superstition, gullibility and piety to greed to a desire to accommodate itself with the fashionable currents of the age. We see this now with our politicians, our royalty and our Wankerati: none dares question the new religion – and many ostentatiously prostrate themselves before it.

History, I believe, is going to judge some members of our Establishment very harshly for endorsing this toxic, anti-scientific, economically catastrophic, environmentally damaging drivel when they could have done the responsible thing and spoken out against it. No Michael Gove, it was not big and clever for a Conservative minister in a Conservative government to appoint a hard-left activist from the furthermost fringes of green lunacy – Greenie Tony Juniper – in charge of the quango responsible for the English countryside. No, Prince Harry, it is absolutely not the job of a minor royal with a fairly low IQ to go round the world – barefoot or otherwise – lecturing people that they are killing the planet largely on the basis of some crap you picked up second hand from your silly old woman of a Dad.

Elton John Defends Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s Private Jet Use

Elton John Defends Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s Private Jet Use

Britain’s Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle are famous climate change advocates but recently pop icon Elton John had to come to their defense over their habitual use of private…


Weird, isn’t it, that when we study Chaucer at school we’re encouraged to have a good old literary laugh at the corruption and credulousness that he was satirising in the Medieval church? For example, we learn that in the Middle Ages it was common for the rich to buy redemption from purgatory and bribe their way into heaven by paying con-men for “indulgences.”

But wait: isn’t this exactly what is happening with carbon offsets? Sir Elton John – bless! – claims it’s really OK for Harry and Princess Meghan to have flown by private jet (their fourth such trip in 11 days) to his South of France palace because he paid for their carbon offsets.

This — as someone joked on Twitter — is like buying your wife a mink coat but then making a donation to PETA.

The Apocalypse

Meanwhile, in the real world the Day of Reckoning approaches. But it’s not climate extinction that need trouble us – no evidence whatsoever for this; ain’t going to happen. Rather, its the chaos and expense and misery which will inevitably be caused by the hideously counterproductive measures we are taking to ‘combat’ the non-existent problem of climate change.

The blackout that brought parts of Britain to a standstill one day earlier this month is but a taste of things to come.


Why aren’t more people speaking out against this nonsense? Because the penalties for doing so are severe: mockery, ostracism, loss of career. There is even talk of making “climate denialism” a criminal offence.

In short, welcome to the new religion…

“Extinction Rebellion” climate environmental activist group protesting outside of The Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand in central London in London on July 15, 2019. (Photo by Niklas HALLE’N / AFP)

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