Killer yells Allahu akbar. ABC reports he shouted “terror slogans”

“Climate change” is the real problem.

Expressions of Muslimness… not so much.  Connecting the dots is not on the cards. The journaille is instructed to report on “terror-slogans” by a “mentally ill man”. Just don’t stir the pot. Greta & Ardern will entertain you with ‘climate change’ nonsense.

Mental patient attacked by three British men with milk crate

He used “radicalised words”. Friends of the knifeman claim he had recently converted to Islam.  Then they say he was an ‘odd person with no friends’

Will the milk-crate terrorists go free?

Sex workers don’t want Michaela Dunn’s job to overshadow her murder

“It sort of becomes about sex work and it focuses on that sex work. It should be remembered that Michaela was an innocent victim. There was nothing that was done that could have invited this attack.”

 Refugees Charged with Planning ‘Islamic Extremist Attack’ in Merkel’s Germany

WTF is an “Islamic Extremist Attack?”

Is that different from the terror of Muhammad, the Quran, sirs & hadith?

Their last names weren’t given in line with German privacy laws.

Prosecutors say they were planning “an Islamic extremist attack” but since they haven’t been linked to a specific organization they don’t face terrorism charges.

So it’s not Islamic terror unless the perps are card-carrying members of al Qaeda, al Shabab, Hamas or any of the millions of Islamic terror organisations?

They allegedly ordered a detonator from Britain but never received it after authorities there arrested their contact.

After being unable to afford an illegal firearm, prosecutors say, they decided to carry out an attack using a truck bomb, and Shahin F. began taking driving theory classes.

There is a lot of insanity in this article. No terror charges because they don’t have an official ID card from Al-Qaeda? This is total and complete suicide. Terrorism is using violence and crime to achieve a political goal as opposed to for personal gain. We have the same problem in North America with dealing with communists. Paraphrasing Bella Dodd, “~we are to concerned about whether or not an operative has a membership card for the Communist party, or if they have ties to Moscow. Communism is an ideology and many people do great harm to the US and Western civilization without any formal membership to anything~”.)

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