Muslim preacher Mohammed Junaid Thorne charged with drug and firearm offences

Not for the first time. Sooner or later he will succeed in ‘striking terror in the hearts of the infidels’. The presstitutes will pretend to be clueless or blame us for ‘oppression’, or ‘marginalisation’, as always.

The 49-year-old from Villawood has been accused of importing a large quantity of illegal drugs and also faces multiple drug supply charges.

Mr Thorne and the woman have been charged with supplying a pistol to a person unauthorised to possess it, and multiple drug-supply offences.

Police have seized 2.5 kilograms of cocaine and 1 kilogram of MDMA, a large amount of cash and a pistol, over the course of the investigation.


A self-styled Muslim preacher has been charged over his alleged involvement in a large-scale drug and gun supply network, following an investigation by counter-terrorism police.

Key points:

  • Counter-terrorism detectives uncovered the alleged network during investigations as part of Strike Force Ceric
  • Police said it was not unusual for counter-terrorism investigations to uncover other serious crimes
  • They said there was no terrorist threat linked to the investigation

Mohammed Junaid Thorne, 30, another man, aged 49, and a 29-year-old woman are accused of supplying drugs and a in a network operating across Sydney.

The alleged network was uncovered by counter-terrorism police in the course of their investigations, Counter-Terrorism and Special Tactics Commander Mark Walton said.

“We have many ongoing investigations into people of national security concern and if they branch into high-level organised crime then we will fully investigate,” he said.

“It is not uncommon for counter-terrorism investigations to uncover other serious criminal activity.”

He said there was no terrorist threat linked to the investigation.

Mr Thorne chose to stay in his cell when his case was mentioned briefly in Parramatta Bail Court and will remain behind bars until he faces court next month.

Islamic preacher arrested in drug raids

Junaid Thorne has been arrested. Picture: Supplied
Junaid Thorne has been arrested. 

Islamic preacher Junaid Thorne was arrested in a series of drug raids in Sydney’s southwest yesterday, and his house raided by counter-terrorism forces.

Mr Thorne, 30, who once said he cannot respect Australian law while he is being treated as an “enemy” and a “slave”, was arrested along with 49-year-old Khalid Kochai and 30-year-old Rema Kobeissi.

Police searched four properties in Liverpool, Wetherill Park, Villawood and Merryland, where they allegedly seized 3kg of cocaine, 1kg of MDMA, $260,000 in cash and a firearm.

Mr Thorne was arrested about 11am yesterday as officers from the Terrorism Squad led raids across the properties, including of his apartment in Liverpool.

Junaid Thorne outside court in 2016. Picture: Getty
Junaid Thorne outside court in 2016.

Mr Thorne, who has been interviewed about his Islamic views on the ABC multiple times, has been known to the police for his extreme, jihadist and anti-­Australia language.

Police will allege the group was involved in the supply of prohibited drugs and firearms across Sydney.

The Counter-Terrorism and Special Tactics commander, Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton, said it was not uncommon for counter-terrorist investigations to uncover other illegal activities.

“We have ongoing investi­gations into people of national sec­urity concern,” Commissioner Walton said.

“If they branch into high-level organised crime, then we will fully investigate.

“The three arrests are an example of this type of law enforcement.”

Mr Thorne, facing nine charges, is due to appear in Parra­matta Local Court on Friday.

From Perth, Mr Thorne spent time working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, before he was deported for protesting against a prison sentence handed down to his brother on terrorism convictions.

In 2017, Mr Thorne told ABC’s 7.30 Report he had no reason to be loyal to Australia just because he was born here.

“Being a Muslim, my loyalty is to my faith and to my religion and to Muslims,” he said.

“And because I was born here, I don’t see myself under any obligation to have any loyalty. I don’t see myself under any obligation to respect a law that is treating me as a slave or as an enemy.”

Sascha O’Sullivan is a reporter at The Australian.


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  1. Re: “They said there was no terrorist threat linked to the investigation.”

    They found evidence the Imam was selling drugs to undermine infidels’ morale and fund the guns he needs to eventually murder them for allah. Sure, he wasn’t specifically threatening or extorting (“terrorizing”) anyone at the time, but as he is a member of the world’s largest and oldest ongoing crime and murder gang, his general membership alone re-presents the overall threat the gang presents, so he’s already a terrorist just by dint of his inherent crime-gang membership as a self-determined holy mobster “muslim” gang member.

    Now, as somewhat of a libertarian who also knows there’s no such thing as an ‘addiction,” I don’t see anything wrong with selling or buying drugs.

    In general, I’m also not against buying or selling guns, EXCEPT TO KNOWN CRIMINALS (since by definition, criminals attack thereby innocent victims first). How does one identify a determined criminal, as opposed to someone who merely committed a crime out of necessity? Judge their hypocrisy!


    Also, in islam’s own sharia “law,” they had enough sense to forbid any muslims from selling any weapons to their infidel enemies, so I can’t understand why those against whom islam has already declared eternal “holy” war in its Qur’an (aka all the non-muslims in the world) haven’t got enough sense to refuse in law to sell weapons of any kind to any muslims anywhere, ever (and that includes selling them weapons to kill themselves off en masse in their own shithole countries, because they could eventually be used against us here, too).

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