Virtue signalling & fake altruism is killing Europe

Zakir Naik, Wanted In India, Banned From Making Speeches In Malaysia

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir said it was “quite clear” Zakir Naik wanted to participate in racial politics and that his permanent residency status may be revoked.

In that case Mahathir is quite correct. In Malaysia, it’s not only religious hatred against the Chinese & the Indians, it’s also racial.

Prime Minister Mahathir:

“He is stirring up racial feelings. The police will have to investigate whether it is causing tension; obviously, it is,” he said.

He said that as a permanent resident Zakir Naik is not allowed to participate in politics.

“You can preach (religiously) but he wasn’t doing that. He was talking about Chinese going back to China and Indians going back to India. I have never said such things. But he did. That is politics,” Mr Mahathir added.

The Malaysian government has previously appeared reluctant to move against Zakir Naik for fear it could upset some Muslims as well as provide ammunition to political opponents.

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? Absolutely Not. Here’s Why.

Some people wish we had something in common with the Mohammedans. Unfortunately, coexistence is not possible. Mohammedanism makes it impossible.

ISIS headchopper hopes Canuckistan will take him

LONDON, Aug 19 (Reuters) – A Muslim convert who was stripped of his British citizenship after travelling to Syria to fight with Islamic State said on Monday he hoped Canada, where he is a citizen, would take him from the Kurdish prison he is being held in.

Germany to strip “refugee” status from Muslim migrants from Syria who return home on vacation
Muslim cleric says jihad is now “mandatory” against India over Jammu and Kashmir

U.N. Official: ‘Disastrous’ Corruption by Aid Agencies ‘Cannot Go Unpunished’

U.N. Official: ‘Disastrous’ Corruption by Aid Agencies ‘Cannot Go Unpunished’

Nothing ever happens to these corrupt aid givers.

Two Underage Girls Raped At Swedish Summer Festival

That’s what happens when you allow your gov’t to import Mohammedans in large numbers. The rape of infidel women is not a crime in Islam.

Spanish Naval Ship Dispatched to Pick Up Mediterranean Migrants

Spanish Naval Ship Dispatched to Pick Up Mediterranean Migrants

Virtue signalling & fake altruism is killing Europe.

From the Religion of Peace:

Malaysia Muzzles Islam Apologist for Promoting Race Hate…
‘Asylum Seekers’ Kick Amsterdam Man Out of His Home…
Sales of Pepper Spray Soar in Sweden…
Virginia Imam Calls for Prays for Allah to Grant Victory to Mujahideen
Tlaib Shares Work by Cartoonist Who Nearly Won Holocaust Contest
Police Officer Who Killed Terrorist Gets Death Threats…
Two Arrested for Gang-Rape and Murder of Hindu Teacher…
British Woman Who Visited Sick Grandmother Sentenced to 10 Years
Prison Priest Raped by Migrant During Spiritual Guidance…
Iran Jails and Flogs Striking Workers…
Priest Narrowly Escapes Firing by Muslim Militants…
Palestinians Open New Shopping Mall (Video)…
Syrian ‘Refugee’ Abducts and Tortures Swedish News Carrier…
Sweden: Robberies Targeting Children Hit Record High…
Palestinian Authority Prepares to Crack Down on Gays…
Teen’s Vegetarianism Mistaken for “Islamophobia”…

One thought on “Virtue signalling & fake altruism is killing Europe”

  1. People simply need to be educated about what their emotions really are and always were, without the false need for any promises which can never be delivered to waylay their thoughts into proudly enduring these emotional cycles as if pain and the useless static pity of it are holy virtues to be endured, and usefully dynamic anger at the criminal liars encouraging is the only real sin.

    Who cares about “depression!”? That’s only the emotion of fear. And “Faith!” (mere hope) isn’t the answer to fear, either. Leftopathic libocrites have “Faith!” (hope) that their stupid ideas about “Progressing” away from doing the obvious and predictably boring right things, will enable them to be exciting and different ad infinitum – but they won’t.

    Everyone is trying to escape from being bedeviled and controlled by their emotions – and the criminals of the left and islam are still always trying to blame their internally-generated, helpfully warning fears on others as externally-inflicted threats.

    But our emotions aren’t even thoughts, much less are they spiritual guides or morals.

    Emotions are always effects, never causes. They are mere reflections of the three basic states of space-time (the static past, the fluid present, and the nebulous future, respectively): static fear, fluid greed, nebulous hope. Not exactly worth defending, much less going to war over!

    Only once people have been educated in this way, can we truly determine if they have been merely stupid, or deliberately evil.

    There was some quote in Isaiah about how the Truth could metaphorically make or reveal people’s blood-stained garments become of have always been entirely white again, removing all “sins,” not through blind obedience to doctrinal “Faith!” traditions, but through Reasoning with God.

    (Much) more, here:

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