Al warra wal barra

“These are general views that every Muslim actually has. Every Muslim believes in these things.”

This is all basic Islam 101. Journalists should stop sounding off as if these were some aberrant views by disturbed individuals.

New York Mufti says, Muslims cannot integrate: ‘Muslims should hate non-Muslims’

A New York Muslim cleric has said, Muslims should love and support other Muslims, but hate and not support non-Muslims.

NY Cleric Muhammad Ibn Muneer Muslims Should Hate Non-Muslims

The comments were made during an online Q&A session with New York Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer, and were delivered in response to a question about dealing with different types of Jews.

In his answer, Muneer cites the Islamic principle of Al-Bara Wal-Wala (disavowal and loyalty), which he said is, as explained by Ibn Al-Qayyim and many others as, loving Muslims and hating non-Muslims.

“The general principle… is to love and to hate for the sake of Allah,” he explained. “Which is simply summed up as, loving the Muslims and hating the non-Muslims. Being loyal to the Muslims and not being loyal to the non-Muslims. Supporting the Muslims and not supporting [the non-Muslims].”

Muneer later expanded on his remarks, saying Muslims should not treat non-Muslims as friends, or maintain close relationships with infidels, and that they should only maintain contact in order to convert them to Islam.

“No, they are not your friends and they’re not allowed to be treated as your friends,” he said. “You keep your relations with them to call them to Islam and to invite them to your way of life… Them being your buddies and your friends and they feel that this person is my close, close, close buddy – that’s problematic. They can’t be your close friends… So, oftentimes it’s a word game. We say ‘friends’ or ‘close friends’, but it’s nothing more than an associate.”

British Muslims admit all Muslims hold to “extreme” and “radical” views, the West refuses to believe it: “What are they going to do? Call us all extremists? Deport us all?”

“These are general views that every Muslim actually has. Every Muslim believes in these things.”

So what’s stopping us from deporting them all?


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  1. This is a symptom of the pervasive emotional and intellectual retardation of Western Civilization, making up fantasies about islam to make ourselves feel better. Pretense until our heads hit the dirt …

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