Legally & Morally wrong?

Chutzpah. This b*tch is made of it.

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) dismissed her controversial comments about Israel, U.S. border patrol, and 9/11 by saying, “I’m only controversial because people seem to want the controversy.”

Omar tries telling us what is Legally & Morally wrong. This is the same individual who. – Married her brother. – Committed Immigration fraud. – Had/has an affair with one of her married campaign workers.

Somali-US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who consistently condemns Israel, allegedly has “secret ties” with the Turkish dictator who persecutes Assyrian Christians, slaughters Kurds & holds tens of thousands of political prisoners including journalists.

Not immigration. Invasion.

And this is where it all comes from: 

One thought on “Legally & Morally wrong?”

  1. I’m still waiting for the day when even a single, lonely but proud leftist steps out of the crowd and up to the microphone, and says:

    “There’s too many Asians in China – it needs more Negros!”

    “There’s way too many Negros in Africa – it needs more Asians!”

    “There’s too many Hindus in India – they need more Negros and Asians!”

    But, alas, because the subjective and paranoid, masochistic virtue-signaling double standards of *hypocrisy* will never make any objectively factual sense, I’m still waiting for that glorious multiculturally enriched day …!

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