“They do not read the Qur’an”

France: Lyon jihadi explains why he went on knife rampage: “They do not read the Qur’an”

Authorities are searching for a motive, since not reading that dirty book cannot possibly have to do something with Islam.

“Attack with a knife in Villeurbanne: a witness notes a religious motivation,” translated from “Attaque au couteau à Villeurbanne: un témoin évoque une motivation religieuse,” Le Progrès, August 31, 2019

The unidentified suspect, who claimed to be of Afghan nationality, was armed with a large fork and a large barbecue knife.

Moslem Migrants caught storming Kent beaches this morning 66 in total were taken away by police

The police are of course instructed to assist them in every way since the British gov’t signed up to the UN’s ‘migration compact’.

260 migrants have been caught by British police in the last week alone as they try to sneak in. They just keep coming…. these invaders need to be deported back to France.

It is understood they arrived in a number of small boats.

UNHCR calls on Japan to do more as refugee approval rate “quite low”

Filippo Grandi would never call on the wealthy Arab nations to assist their Moslem brothers & sisters in need. The Japanese should tell that degenerate swine to go knock out his own front teeth.

Tokyo: U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said Friday that Japan’s approval rate for refugees is “quite low,” while calling for improvement in its treatment of asylum applicants.

Canada: Quebec Youth Adopt Islamic Customs in ‘Solidarity’ with Muslims

Stupid is as stupid does.

Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec is seeing a new trend of young non-Muslim people adopting Islamic customs and holidays.

The new phenomenon was first noted by anthropologist Géraldine Mossière who found young people, mostly women, in Montreal who frequented Muslim associations and cafes and began to adopt Islamic practices without ever formally converting, La Presse reports.

According to Mossière, the subjects she met did everything from banning themselves from eating pork to celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

One thought on ““They do not read the Qur’an””

  1. The Only Legal Purpose of Government is: To defend the citizens from disasters both natural, and man-made (aka crimes).

    So then the British “government” signs the UN Migration pact, extending that responsibility to the entire world, by destroying their own citizens’ rights to have borders to defend themselves from these man-made, criminal disasters imposed on them by “their own” governments. Conclusion? “Their” government officials are criminals who have reneged on their oaths of office. As such, they legally qualify as traitors, and should be punished accordingly.

    Bob, for 100 points, what’s the legal punishment for “treason?”!



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