Marise Payne What an a$$hole!
“Our Aid aligns with Palestinian Authority’s Policy Agenda”.

True story, that. And Marise Payne makes sure these poor Fakestinians get enough money to murder Jews & their children.

This is a national disgrace.

These are Marise Payne’s own figures on the Australian taxpayer dollars she’s sent Palestinians’ way.

2018-19 Total Australian ODA
$38.3 million
2019-20 Total Australian ODA
$42.6 million

It’s going up, not down.

The intrepid Michael Smith has the sordid story, here.

Dozens of Melbourne’s ‘most violent’ young people arrested

What’s the point? A few hours later they’re out again doing the same thing. The question is how do we get rid of these N*99as?

Marxist media: White boys singing are dangerous but African thugs are victims

There’s an agenda to make white men the most hated people on Earth.

Not only have police in Victoria not been arresting Africans who commit outrageous, violent crimes, but the way this story is framed completely ignores the reality of what is going on in the diversity hotspots of the West.

Michael Moore Compares White Trump Voters to Pro-Apartheid South Africans

What a great idea it was to make South Africa black & prepare the ground for a white genocide. Can we export fat boy Michael Moore already to this promised land that needs him so badly?

Far-left filmmaker Michael Moore joined MSNBC’s Hardball and host Chris Matthews on Tuesday to not only trumpet his endorsement of Bernie Sanders (despite previous scepticism about the 2020 field) but offer the hideous claim that white Trump voters of all economic stripes are racist on the level of pro-apartheid South Africans.