What about the Kurds?

Kurdish mass killings of Christians and Yazidis went on for centuries….

Erdogan threatens to flood Europe with 3.6 million refugees if EU calls Turkish operation in Syria an ‘invasion’

Do you realise now that it was the dumbest idea ever to go begging to this megalomanic Turk who only used our clueless politicians to blackmail us?

Turkey’s president has threatened to send millions of Syrian refugees to Europe in retaliation for stinging world criticism of his military operation in northern Syria that has left 17 civilians dead, including several children.

Lashing out at the European Union and others that joined a global chorus of condemnation, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned he would “open the gates” if anyone called his offensive “an invasion”.

Don’t Romanticize The Kurds: Longstanding jihadist butchery; PKK Marxist terrorism evolved to fight Ataturk’s ethno-racist Turkey; Created sharia-based Iraqi “Kurdistan”

Most of the ire directed at President Trump has to do with handwringing over our “Kurdish allies”, even after the President “warned” Turkey not to engage in its habitual behaviors—since Ataturk created his ethno-racist state—towards the Kurds.  Regardless, here are a few salient points one should bear in mind about the Kurds which the handwringers conveniently ignore in their hagiographies:

Kurdish predatory mass killings of Christians and Yazidis are well-characterized and went on for centuries. Grinding persecution continues to this day, as can be gleaned from detailed reports by both Assyrian and Yazidi organizations (here; here; here)

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Everyday, in Spain:

All men of fighting age….

Vatican is forced to deny claim that the Pope questioned Christ’s divinity


Bleeding hearts for Kurds?

Leftoids  & Neocons are screeching about the Kurds. Are they suggesting we should go and cleanse the world of Turks to make room for Kurds?