A case for Cressida Dick

After knife attacks on #LondonBridge and in the #Hague – prepare to be told the biggest threat we face is “Islamophobia.”

Reject the narrative. Dismiss politicians platitudes. Do not suck the sugar pill.

We are targets for attack in our own lands. We are not the problem.

Police have named the London Bridge attacker as Usman Khan, who was previously jailed for his part in a plot to bomb the city’s stock exchange.
London Bridge killer is named as Usman Khan, a devout Muselmaniac released from jail

Scotland Yard has named the terrorist responsible for yesterday’s attack on London Bridge as 28-year-old Usman Khan.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick confirmed two people died, and three others were injured in the attack.

Anti-terror police have raided a house in Staffordshire area which was linked to Khan.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu confirmed that a man and a woman had been killed in the attack, reports Daily Mail.

“Tragically, two people – a man and a woman – were killed during the attack. Three others – a man and two women – were also injured and remain in hospital.

‘Hero’ bystander used 1.5 metre narwhal tusk to help subdue London Bridge knifeman

A woman who was at Fishmongers Hall during the London Bridge attack has praised a man that grabbed a huge narwhal tusk before heading outside to confront the attacker. …

A “hero” bystander used a 1.5 metre narwhal tusk to fight off the London Bridge knifeman, according to witnesses.

On Friday, two people were stabbed to death in what the authorities called an Islamic terrorist attack in the UK capital. …

Note how desperate SBS scribblers are to circumscribe the Islamic terrorist attack?

SBS would never call an Islamic terrorist attack by name.

Meanwhile, DownUnder:

Mohammedans downunder insist that resisting the spread of their abhorrent belief-system is a mental condition that can only be cured with submission:

Landmark conference on countering ‘phobia’ triggered by expressions of muslimness such as stabbing, shooting, bombing and mowing down ‘unbelievers’

thanks to Mullah (pubh)

Landmark conference on countering Islamophobia

A high powered day-long conference was held on Thursday 21 November at the Novotel Hotel in Parramatta, Western Sydney highlighting the urgency to take proactive action against Far-Right Extremism and Islamophobia in Australia. The conference titled “Collaborative Approaches to Counter the Extremist Right-Wing and Islamophobia Threats” brought together  academics, researchers, community leaders and victims including a survivor of Christchurch attack with presentations and panel discussions to find solution and commitment for action.

Sadiq Khan(t) says whatever he says after every Islamic terrorist attack. It’s just part & parcel of living in a big city, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “A case for Cressida Dick”

  1. Never a shrapnel blast when one is truly needed. Hang on! The only source of those in the west are those used by members of the same group. Silly me!
    I wonder if Oz will hit the UK standard of bacon on the mosque door giving a death sentence while reporting on the raping of white girls under 14 gives one a gaol term? IMHO it is time some politicians in the west(the list is long) found out what a reborn death sentence for cultural, national and racial treason is about. Ohh and the leftist lawyers, magistrates and teachers can join them.

    1. And let’s make it what would otherwise be “cruel” (only if used against people who didn’t deserve it) and unusual (culturally speaking) one: IMPALING on public TV!

      Lasts longer – more satisfying!

      Just sayin’!


  2. Re: “Note how desperate SBS scribblers are to circumscribe the Islamic terrorist attack? SBS would never call an Islamic terrorist attack by name.”

    It’s the leftopathic libocrites’ usual victim-blaming slander: “If we let you white racists (and ALL whites are racists!) know the terrorists were swarthy People Of Colour, then you’ll all go on one of your usual predictable racist lynching sprees again! So we can’t tell you the truth, because YOU can’t handle the truth! That’s why! So there, Nyah!”

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