“A multicultural society is a multi-conflicted society”

Stéphane Ravier: Instead of Quotas for Immigration, Quotas for Deportation!

by Baron Bodissey

Now watch Macron’s thugs spring into action to destroy him:

Stéphane Ravier is a member of the French Senate for National Rally, Marine Le Pen’s party. The video below shows Mr. Ravier’s recent remarks in the Senate in which he speaks out in no uncertain terms about the Great Replacement. It will be interesting to see how quickly he is hauled into court and put on trial.

French MP on the Great Replacement A full-frontal assault on leftist philosophy


Stéphane Ravier: “A multicultural society is a multi-conflicted society”

Attacks on churches are continuing in France. One church was rammed with a car, and a statue of a saint was beheaded at another. Meanwhile, a mob attacked police and set fire to two schools in a “sensitive zone” in the French city of Béziers.

Migrants who have been stranded in Malta since August have now been transferred to other countries. The EU-brokered agreement sent the culture-enrichers to Germany, Lithuania, and Romania.

Maldives: Government shuts down human rights group for “slandering Islam”

Who needs ‘human rights” when you got Islam already?

Pakistan: Muslim groups say India has declared war on Muslims, “situation can be solved only through jihad”

Stay tuned for … jihad. It just keeps on coming.

Thailand: Muslims storm security checkpoint, murder at least 15 people, including cop and security volunteers

Imagine the international outcry if non-Muslims had murdered 15 Muslims. But no one will take any particular note of this.

“Gunmen kill 15 in southern Thailand’s worst attack in years,” Reuters, November 6 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Suspected separatist insurgents stormed a security checkpoint in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south and killed at least 15 people, including a police officer and many village defense volunteers, security officials said on Wednesday.

It was the worst single attack in years in a region where a Muslim separatist insurgency has killed thousands.

UK: Tell Mama Doesn’t Like Lord Pearson (Part 2)

Tell Mama doesn’t like any criticism of Islam.

Tell Mama continues its attempt to demolish Lord Pearson for the primal sin of discussing Muslim and non-Muslim fertility rates: Racist conspiracies about birth rates were behind the terroristic murders of 51 Muslims in Christchurch, which went on to inspire other forms of racist terror in Germany, the United States, Norway, and a sleepy English […]

What’s going on in Chile?