Fake News Journaille: the Enemy of the People

The fake news media covers for the Clintons as hard as they manufacture hoaxes against Trump.

He’s right…

Enemy of the people.


-Fired Roseanne for a tweet
-Shamelessly crucified Kavanaugh
-Aired a fake Syria bombing
-Pushed the Russia Hoax for years
-Peddled the fake Smollet hate crime
-And humiliated Nick Sandmann

But information about the world’s most prolific pedophile wasn’t worth sharing.

Jeffrey Epstein: ABC stopped report ‘amid Palace threats’ – BBC News

Most people assume that Jeffrey Epstein, underage sex slave procurer to the rich and famous (including Bill Clinton), did not commit suicide without some help. We might know the details by now, but Big Journalism has its reasons for not digging too hard or even sharing what is already known. Project Veritas presents ABC News anchor Amy Robach talking to her producer on a hot mic:

Amy Robach and Jeffrey Epstein
ABC journalist Amy Robach (left) and paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Leaked footage shows a US TV anchor complaining that editors “quashed” a story about paedophile Jeffrey Epstein due to pressure from the Royal Family.

ABC’s Amy Robach is seen in the clip griping that her interview with an alleged victim of Epstein and Prince Andrew never made it to air.

“The Palace found out,” she says, “and threatened us a million different ways.”

An ABC news executive said there was “zero truth” to the assertion.

ABC News is part of the liberal establishment. As a rule, it only tells you what the liberal establishment wants you to know — even if that means spiking one of the hottest stories of the century.

Epstein, a wealthy and well-connected financier, was found dead in a jail cell in August while awaiting trial for sex crimes. His death was ruled a suicide by investigators.

In the video, Ms Robach vents frustration that her 2015 interview with Virginia Giuffre – formerly Virginia Roberts – was never broadcast.

The clip was leaked on Tuesday by Project Veritas, a group that seeks to expose perceived liberal bias in the mainstream media.


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While President Trump has said that ISIS has been defeated, NBC News has learned that the terrorist group has already found a safe haven in an ungoverned part of Iraq, and has ambitious new plans.

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