Fake News & Penty of Schitt

Donald Trump is exposing how previous administrations and crooked politicians have been money laundering our taxpayer dollars called “foreign aid “ & “military aid” back to themselves through family, friends and corporate donations.

And Ukraine is only the beginning.

Alex Vindman, who just testified for hours against Trump, just returned to his job in the White House

Not to mention:

Bruce Ohr still has a job at the FBI

And John Brennan still has a security clearance

This is outrageous

It’s time to drain the swamp for good

What a lying, despicable weasel, this pencilneck Schitt!


Patriots are awake, we are watching, & the Deep State will NOT win! We WILL fight!! “Mark Levin Warns Adam Schiff: “You’ve just awakened a sleeping giant”

In other news:

Emmanuel Macron Grants Asylum To ISIS leader who Slaughtered 1,700 soldiers

Toyboy Micron is as corrupt as a French politician can be.

Germany preparing to host Cyprus talks 

Nothing will come of it then….

Germany: Muslim migrant raising money to establish a Muslims Only swimming pool:
Muslims are the only immigrant group to come to the West with a ready-made model of society that they believe to be superior and they work furiously, by all means, to impose… dlvr.it/RJxBPk
Christians are the most persecuted religious group on the planet. – 245 million Christians live under severe persecution. – Over 800 churches vandalized in France last year. – Thousands of Christians killed in Nigeria.
From the Religion of Peace:


3 thoughts on “Fake News & Penty of Schitt”

  1. Re: “Germany preparing to host Cyprus talks” – Nothing will come of it then….

    Oh, something will come of it – just not anything good.

    Germany’s Merkel is in thrall to Erdogan the Turk’s power. Cyprus talks would be to deal with Turkish aggression in the Greek island state. Ergo: Fox, meet henhouse!

  2. I just read the full article on the ongoing Cyprus debacle:

    Re: “Turkey’s intervention as a guarantor power in 1974 had stopped the years long persecution and violence against Turkish Cypriots by ultra-nationalist Greek Cypriots.”

    Ah, yes – those poor Turkish muslims oppressed by those violent Greek aggressors, as usual!

    (But seriously – who wrote this vile nonsense?)!

    1. Who wrote this?

      A Turk, of course.

      A Turkish infil-traitor who resides behind enemy lines, in Berlin.

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