Why the hell are British taxpayers responsible for the brood of Islamic savages?

How the hell have 25 brides of ISIS managed to have 60 kids whilst living in ‘horrendous’ conditions in a Syrian camp? And WHY the hell are these kids now the responsibility of the British taxpayer?


Dutch state not obliged to take back Islamic State children: appeals court

THE HAGUE 22-11-19 (Reuters) – The Dutch state is not obliged to actively help repatriate the young children of women who left the Netherlands and joined Islamic State in Syria, an appeals court in The Hague said today, overturning an earlier ruling.

Swedish Politician Sees ‘Advantages’ of Polygamy


A member of the Swedish Centre party has said he sees both “disadvantages and advantages” to the practice of having a polygamous marriage.

Jonny Cato, the new migration policy spokesman for the Centre Party, said that it was wrong for Sweden to tighten its borders in 2016 following the height of the European migration crisis. He also said that he would not put a number on the maximum amount of asylum seekers Sweden could take, newspaper Expressen reports.

When asked if he thought people should be able to be married to more than one person at the same time, Cato said: “I think it is a difficult question and it is honestly not something I have thought so much about. I see both the advantages and disadvantages of it.”